Lucid Leverage Announces Online Reputation Management for Celebrities

Lucid Leverage LLC, a company based in Tempe, AZ, is happy to announce that they are offering online reputation management for celebrities and politicians. This is important because for this particular group of people, maintaining a good reputation is essential to further the brand and business. Lucid Leverage utilizes various kinds of advanced technology, including artificial intelligence (AI), to ensure that bad press or embarrassing Tweets will not be prominent in the search engines. Furthermore, when there is positive press for the politician or celebrity, the company will make sure that this will significantly outrank any negative publicity that might be available online. They will also collaborate closely with the press agency of the celebrity or politician to ensure that the good messages about them will be front and center on all of the search engines.

Chris Quintela, co-owner and co-founder of Lucid Leverage LLC, says, “Our ability to heavily influence the search engines in your favor will give you a distinct advantage in the market place. Of course, it is always best to be proactive instead of reactive. Reputation marketing for celebrities is the best approach to take to ensure that you have a solid hold on your name, brand and positive image online. Our reputation marketing technology and consulting is on the cutting edge of celebrity public relations. Being able to control the search engines in your favor is what we do best. We work with all celebrities, actors, pro athletes, musicians, politicians and public relations agencies that need help.”

Reputation management is also crucial for other kinds of businesses and professionals, such as lawyers and physicians. An angry employee, an unscrupulous competitor, or even a legitimate customer who failed to truly understand what was being offered can post some bad reviews that can tarnish the reputation of the business or the professional. Ensuring that these bad reviews will not be foremost in the search engine results is vital because most people now check for reviews about a particular business or professional service before they decide to use their products or services. In addition, they will create Hollywood style videos showcasing the highly positive reviews, and position them on the top page of the search engine results pages.

Lucid Leverage also provides other related services, such as local SEO, social media marketing, web design services, and YouTube marketing services. Local SEO has to do with getting the local business listed on Google Maps to attract local residents to the specific store or office. And since more and more people are using social media sites to help in their buying decisions, social media marketing continues to grow in importance as a marketing tool. Lucid Leverage employs a unique strategy for social media management where positive reviews are displayed on various social media platforms. YouTube marketing services are provided to capitalize on the power of video marketing. And also of vital importance is web development and design to ensure that the website is user friendly, searchable, and drives leads to the business.

They are also a white label SEO reseller. This means the SEO service is done by Lucid Leverage and other companies can rebrand it and offer the service like they are the one performing it. Thus, Lucid Leverage serves as the SEO agency that brings organic traffic to the website of the clients of these other companies.

Lucid Leverage LLC functions as a digital marketing agency that specializes on YouTube marketing, online reputation management, social media marketing, and SEO across the United States, UK, and Canada. Their team of professionals have years of experience in working with the biggest companies and they have expertise in the web hosting and Internet marketing industry. Their experts have been providing SEO services since 2005. Both their experience and partnerships in Los Angeles, Phoenix, and New York City have permitted the development of successful digital marketing strategies that allow their clients to develop a strong presence on the search engines, even for small businesses.

Those who are looking for SEO resellers and the various services provided by Lucid Leverage can check out their website, or contact them on the telephone or through email.


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