Lucas Root Shares What Community Means In New Podcast

San Diego, CA based Lucas Root is reaching out to the wider audience to share his discussion on what community means as part of his podcast. As part of Episode 4 of his podcast, Root discussed the concept of community with Liana Ling, Zach Hammer, and Giuseppe Grammatico.

Root has developed a framework for the elements that are required for a ‘group’ to evolve into a ‘community’ — Common Language, Project, Value, Purpose, and Heart. In Episode 4, his deep dive into the first three episodes with his amazing guests, he digs deeper into their perspectives and adds his own.

Elements Of Community

The first talking point is the fact that the leader of a particular community does not always have to be the one who founded it. Liana Ling, the CEO of Power Up Strategy (a digital marketing agency that helps entrepreneurs reach their goals so they can live a lifestyle they have been dreaming of) believes that "the leader of a community is not necessarily the creator". According to Root, this is great because it creates a new opportunity for everyone to aspire toward leadership. Anyone who has the merits to lead a community stands a chance at becoming the leader of their community, as long as they bring in value.

Ling states in her episode, “The job of the leader is to recognize and support the desired engagement for the community. And in order to do that, the leader will set the tone or the culture for that community.” Root points out that this philosophy is relevant because it brings up the idea that culture and community are not the same.

Root also touches on his discussion with Zach Hammer, the founder of Real Estate Growth Hackers (a marketing consulting agency that brings cutting-edge marketing tactics from the top modern marketers to the real estate community). Hammer’s perspective of community is more strategic, and he approaches it as he would a battle. There is a lot to be learned by thinking about a community’s engagement in the world as if moves are being made on a battlefield, and according to Hammer, "the leader is the person who is willing to pick a fight for their community and has the capability to do so."

In the third episode of the Elements of Community podcast, Root sat down with Giuseppe Grammatico (a franchise veteran who simplifies the process of franchising and excels at guiding his candidates to the model that best suits them). As Root points out, Grammatico’s focus is on bringing and receiving value. He has managed and built a one-way communication tool that he is able to galvanize and engage a group of people. His podcast builds a community with a powerful message.

Grammatico and Root discuss the value of both bringing value and receiving value, and how important it is to maintain a degree of separation between them while keeping them together. Bringing value is different from receiving value; and according to Root, a lot of people focus more on bringing value, which is good. However, they do need to remember that in order for a community to be an engaging one, they have to bring something to the table as well.

Root also touches on other points of interest in the episode, including the characteristics of Ling, Hammer, and Grammatico’s community and how they all function as a community while having individualistic traits. Lucas also talks about each guest’s CPOP (the Community Point of Pleasure and the Community Point of Purpose).

The Elements of Community podcast covers community building for sustained growth and success with an expert panel of guests who unravel the working foundational aspects of their community, as well as critical new thinking with Community Expert Lucas Root. Those interested in listening to the podcast should visit their official website; episodes are also available on Spotify, YouTube, Apple Podcasts, and Amazon Music.

Those who want a deeper perspective into Root’s world and the conversations he has with his guests can also join his Inner Circle, where he shares uncut and extended recordings of his interviews. Those who are part of the Inner Circle can learn how guests grow their communities profitably. Learn more about the Inner Circle on the Elements of Community website.


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