Louisville Tree Service Experts Explains Why Tree Trimming Prices Change Depending on Where the Tree is Standing

Louisville, Kentucky – On a recent property owners meeting, Mr. Justin, a commercial property owner in the city, asked Louisville Tree Service Experts why the cost of trimming for trees of the same size but in different positions was always different.

Speaking at the meeting, Mr. Justin had the following to say, “I love working with Louisville Tree Service Experts. This company has the best tree trimming team Louisville and always delivers maximum benefits without causing property damages. However, one thing I would like to know is why a 50-foot pine tree standing on my backyard yard would have a higher tree trimming cost than a 50-foot pine tree standing on my front yard.”

Louisville Tree Service Experts

In response to Justin’s question, Louisville Tree Service Experts CEO had the following to say, “The number of hours we spend on a particular project often affects the amount of money we charge for the project. In most cases, trees that are standing in the front yard are accessible to our modern machines – for example, the bucket truck. This makes the work much easier, which reduces the time spent on the tree. Trees standing in the backyard, on the other hand, tend to be inaccessible to bucket trucks. This forces our professionals to climb up the trees manually, which tends to be riskier and also takes more time. This is the major reason why the tree trimming prices vary.”

Louisville Tree Service Experts CEO proceeded to note that trees standing next to important utilities may also have a higher tree trimming cost compared to trees standing on open fields. The CEO indicated the reason for this is the fact that more work has to be done to avoid property damage when a tree is standing next to a house compared to when a tree is standing away from important utilities.

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