Los Gatos Plumbing Company Discusses the Reasons Why Plumbing Pipes Sometimes Need to be Replaced

Trusted Los Gatos, CA company, Simply Green Plumbing is a plumbing services provider that makes it a point to keep its customers well informed on a wide variety of relevant plumbing topics. One example of that is the company recently covered the subject of why plumbing pipes sometimes need to be replaced. It’s a topic that is not often talked about in plumbing circles but it’s an important one, especially for those with older homes. Although older homes are appealing for many to own, there may be some piping problems inside of them that can only be addressed by doing extensive re-piping work.

The company owner, Lisa Green, says, “Two of our most requested types of plumbing services are our custom plumbing work and re-piping services. By doing these types of plumbing tasks, we have learned a lot about the different reasons why plumbing pipes sometimes need to be replaced. It’s something that we thought was worth sharing information about. It’s a plumbing subject that is particularly important for house owners whose homes were built before 1986 because they may have lead-lined or other types of problematic piping in their homes.”

Green went on to cite two useful articles on the topic of when someone should consider replacing sections or all of the plumbing pipes in their home. The first one was published on the realtor-run website Houselogic.com and can be seen in full here at https://www.houselogic.com/organize-maintain/home-maintenance-tips/do-you-need-replace-your-plumbing/. It’s an article that pointed out over time older metal pipes will corrode, rust, and decay. This is something that can lead to some big problems which include hidden leaks that cause structural damage and releasing raw sewage into a home. The article also mentioned that it’s good for a homeowner to access the condition of the metal pipes in their home before taking on a pipe replacement project because it can be very costly. Next, the article talked about how long water feed lines made of brass, copper, and galvanized steel can and drain lines made of cast iron and PVC piping can be expected to last. The article mentioned that this is just a reference point because well-maintained pipes can last longer and poorly maintained pipes can become problematic much sooner. The article wrapped up by saying that the best way for homeowners with aging piping to know if it's time to replace them is by having a professional plumbing inspection done.

The company owner stated that another article with very good information on when it's time to replace plumbing pipes is one that was posted to a website called MrRooter.com. That article can be viewed here at https://www.mrrooter.com/austin/about-us/blog/2020/august/what-to-do-about-those-old-pipes-in-your-house/. This blog post urged people to take a closer look at the exposed areas of the plumbing in their home if they own a home that is more than 30 years old. It said those that have homes that were built before 1975 and have cast iron pipes and those that were built before 1960 and have galvanized steel pipes should be particularly concerned because both of these types of piping are only designed to last 30 to 40-years. The article emphasized that some older types of piping may not only no longer be up to code but may even pose a health risk (such as lead-lined pipes). Other problems sometimes caused by older pipes in a home include having discolored water, leaks, slow drains (often caused by having hard water), frequent plumbing backups, mold problems in several areas of a home, and smelling sewer gas odor. As in the first article, once again a thorough inspection by a plumbing professional is the best way to determine if any type of plumbing needs to be replaced.

Green went on to say that if called upon to inspect older plumbing they will lean on their 30-years of experience to determine the best course of action if there is a problem. Before starting any inspection, they will ask their customers if they have experienced anything such as dramatic fluctuations in water temperature, low or uneven water pressure, scalding water, unusual thuds or screeches coming from pipes, and unexplained and unusual increases on their water bills. All of which can be indicative of major plumbing issues. She added that they have the know-how to design fully customized piping solutions that will meet the needs and budget requirements of any homeowner that needs to replace older or faulty piping. The company owner also mentioned that the very best time for someone with an older home to get re-piping done is when they are doing any type of remodeling project or renovations. This is because many of the pipes that need to be replaced will be exposed and it will lower the cost of the re-piping project. More on Simply Green Plumbing’s customized piping and re-piping services can be seen here at https://simplygreenplumbing.com/plumbing-services/piping-repiping/.


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