Los Angeles Woman Thanks Addiction Treatment Center Saying "I Can’t Speak Highly Enough About What I Just Went Through at Muse"

Los Angeles, CA - Amanda, a resident of Los Angeles, recently completed an addiction treatment program at Muse Treatment Center. She was so moved by her experience at the alcohol and drug rehab, she left them an enthusiastic five-star review on Google.

“I knew I was in safe hands the min I walked in the door. I didn’t want for anything. All my needs were met. I am so grateful for the staff, they too have been there done that and they’ll show u the way,” Amanda said.

Muse Treatment Center #1 Alcohol & Drug Rehab In Los Angeles CA

Before entering the Los Angeles addiction treatment program, Amanda described herself as physically, emotionally, and spiritually sick. “I knew quitting on my own wasn’t an option. I was a complete mess when I checked into detox at muse treatment. These people care more about you than you care about yourself. They will love you so much until you love yourself,” she said.

Muse’s staff is the heart and soul of their treatment programs. Many of the staff are in recovery themselves so they can empathize with what patients are going through and they are living proof that recovery is possible. The successful recovery of their patients is their number one priority at all times.

Amanda remembered her time with the Muse staff saying, “They took every step w me... From June telling me what I needed to hear not what I wanted, Dayna making me feel like I was loved so very much even on the days I wasn’t lovable at all. Kevin giving me those extra chances and loving me thru them, Victoria and Stephanie chatting and laughing w me, to Maryann have her arms open at a beautiful home.”

Even though Amanda entered Muse Treatment Center in Los Angeles as “a complete mess” in her words, once she was there, she discovered she was learning things that she wanted to keep learning, and she was actually having fun.

“Multiple times my addiction was telling me to leave and go get high but I couldn’t bc each & every day I was taught something new at this program and I didn’t wanna give up. I didn’t know how much fun it would be turning my life around,” she said.

The experiences of people like Amanda can serve as examples of what’s possible in recovery. Thousands of people struggle with active addiction on a daily basis and don’t know where to turn for help. Amanda’s testimonial is also a call to action for others who desperately want to escape the suffering caused by addiction.

“If you are reading this and u think you ain’t worth it or u can manage the detox or your afraid or anything..... This is the place. I was that person. I’m not anymore. I didn’t wake up dope sick today,” Amanda said.


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