Los Angeles Woman Praises Muse Addiction Treatment Center Stating They Go the Extra Mile

Los Angeles, CA – Long-term treatment plans, caring staff, and a fun, engaging atmosphere was among many things a former client found to praise about Muse Addiction Treatment Center. Her time at Muse was such a positive experience that she was moved to leave a 5-star review on Google for her addiction treatment care.

“I’m so grateful this is where I ended up when I reached out for help,” wrote Mariah M. “I was met with open arms from the staff from day one.”

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Addiction Treatment at Muse is an effective way to detox and rehab from substance abuse disorders. Muse Treatment is an addiction treatment program with residential and outpatient facilities in Los Angeles and Culver City, California. Muse offers acute medical detox care and long-term treatment for people struggling with dependence on substances including drugs, alcohol, cocaine, heroin and opioids.

Mariah came to Muse’s facility in the Westwood area of Los Angeles. She found immediate acceptance and expert help, with activities and programs focused on giving her all the tools and skills she needed to work toward sobriety. She praised Muse’s programs and activities but was most enthusiastic about the staff, saying they “go the extra mile to make sure clients receive the help that they need.”

Treating the Whole Person is so important to Muse's success track for addiction treatment in Los Angeles. Mariah pointed out a key element of the Muse program: a comprehensive treatment plan that’s as enjoyable as possible. Muse doesn’t just treat addiction but focuses on the whole person, examining underlying emotional issues that may have led to the client’s addictive behavior. In many cases of a substance use disorder, addiction is not the main problem but is merely a symptom of other issues that must be resolved.

Muse also believes it’s important to show recovering addicts they can still enjoy life without drugs or alcohol. The physical dependence on drugs or alcohol is the result of chemical changes in the brain, so the connection between taking drugs and feeling good is a hard one to break. That’s why, in addition to group and individual therapy, Muse helps clients to simply have fun.

“They have groups and outings that help both the physical and mental body,” Mariah wrote. “And they make sure that you are plugged in with support and a game plan for long-term sobriety when you are discharged.”

Muse offers a full range of residential and outpatient care, from drug and alcohol detox to long-term aftercare and continuing therapy. Just as addiction does not set in overnight but is a long-term process, so is sobriety. For Mariah, that was one of the most important elements of treatment at Muse.

“If you need help but don’t even know what kind of help you need this is the place for you,” she wrote.

Those who are seeking long-term, lasting sobriety and need compassionate care by expert drug-treatment specialists, don’t hesitate to call Muse at 800-426-1818. Full article at https://musetreatment.com/los-angeles-woman-grateful-she-reached-out-for-help-from-muse-treatment/


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