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Van Nuys, CA based Discovery Transitions Outpatient (DTO) is pleased to offer one of the top outpatient meth rehab environments for Los Angeles residents. Located conveniently in Van Nuys, the team of expert clinicians at Discovery Transitions knows the ins and outs of meth addiction and has helped hundreds of clients to find their way to lasting recovery.

The outpatient meth rehab center observes that many forms of substance abuse cannot be considered merely the consequence of the individual’s choices, especially if the abuse has been taking place for years. An addiction to meth and similar stimulants, for instance, can lead to massive changes in the patient’s mind, affecting the way they think, make decisions and even altering their perception of the physical world. Furthermore, each patient will have a different tolerance to meth (sometimes depending on the extent of their substance abuse), and their personal lives and circumstances will greatly influence their ability to walk the road to sobriety.

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DTO clarifies that meth, also known as methamphetamine, does not cause the same physical dependence as opioids, nor does it lead to the kind of neurological damage that is typically associated with cocaine abuse. The issue, instead, is that the combination of physical and mental withdrawal symptoms it produces during detoxification can make it particularly challenging for the individual to follow through and complete the process.

The center states that, fortunately, meth users are suitable candidates for outpatient rehab since they are not affected to the same degree as those affected by opiates. With medication-assisted treatment (MAT) and a diet plan, for instance, it is conceivable for them to continue working if they so wish. Discovery Transitions goes so far as to say that people grappling with a meth addiction may actually benefit from long activities (such as work), which can be healthy distractions that help prevent relapse during the treatment period and aftercare phase. DTO’s team is well-equipped to provide all the assistance a patient needs to ensure they have the highest likelihood of attaining a state of lasting sobriety.

Meth is hardly the only substance that the organization's patients experience trouble with, unfortunately. Fentanyl, which is 100 times stronger than morphine and has the ignoble distinction of being known as the deadliest illegal narcotic on the market, can cause massive harm to those who are dependent on it. Fentanyl withdrawal symptoms alone include difficulty sleeping, nausea or vomiting, body or muscle aches, heavy sweating, general discomfort and restlessness, an alternating hot and cold sensation and so on.

Discovery Transitions states that fentanyl dependence can affect virtually every part of an individual’s life, disrupting both their physical and mental stability. In turn, it can affect their relationships and professional aspirations. A dependency means that fentanyl users will no longer be able to function without the substance in their system, and they will often find it impossible to even get out of bed every day without taking their first dose of heroin or fentanyl. Given that fentanyl’s effects last between one to two hours, this also means this is unlikely to be their only use for the next 24 hours.

Those who use fentanyl often move in social circles that do the same. DTO explains that many of their patients have experienced the death of many loved ones in such circumstances, caused partly by the fact that fentanyl is commonly mixed into other drugs — making it much easier for people to unwittingly overdose. Making matters worse, attempting to detox without professional help can be extremely dangerous, and people attempting it run the risk of developing additional physical issues as a result. This can include cardiac arrest, high blood pressure and intense anxiety.

DTO provides a number of options for those suffering from fentanyl dependence, including outpatient services in fentanyl recovery. Those with severe cases, notably, are advised to seek inpatient services (and perhaps partial hospitalization) to reduce the likelihood of relapse. Again, each individual is different, so it is best that they seek a professional’s input. DTO assigns a care specialist in such situations to ensure each patient’s specific needs are met.

Discovery Transitions Outpatient offers their community an extensive array of resources for dealing with numerous types of addictions. Their patients learn how to manage their condition, set boundaries for addiction and develop healthy habits that support their ongoing recovery. DTO encourages all interested parties to contact their office today for more information.


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