Los Angeles Man Thanks Muse Addiction Treatment Center After Making a Full Recovery From Substance Use Disorder

Los Angeles, CA – Thanks to the supportive, attentive staff and comfortable surroundings, drug rehab at Muse Treatment was a complete success for this Los Angeles man.

“I couldn’t be more grateful to Kevin and the staff for how well I was treated while in the facilities care,” Beau H. wrote in a recent 5-star review on Google.

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Muse Treatment is part of a network of drug and alcohol treatment centers with locations in California, Texas, Tennessee, and other parts of the US. The centers provide comprehensive residential and outpatient treatment programs for addiction to substances that include alcohol, heroin, opioids and prescription medications. Programs include detox, rehab and long-term follow-up care, with sober living homes for both men and women. Treatment is customized for the unique needs of each client. It is designed to reveal the root causes of addiction and help the client find better ways of coping than by using chemical substances.

Beau went through Muse’s residential rehab program, followed by an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) where he received therapy to continue learning how to live a drug-free life outside the security of residential treatment. IOP treatment combines therapy and 12 Step integration. It offers educational workshops on topics including anger management, stress reduction, communication skills and relapse prevention. In addition, the program treats the whole person, including physical well-being, with art therapy, yoga, cardio workshops and similar classes.

Beau then moved into a sober living home. This is a transitional residential program where clients ease into their new lives outside the protective setting of the treatment center. It’s a safe, secure environment where clients can continue to build a foundation for long-term recovery.

Muse says the success of their treatment programs is made possible by the quality of their staff – a team of professional addiction specialists who are dedicated to helping our clients reach their most favorable outcomes. Beau also gave the staff much of the credit for his success.

“My case manager, Noelle, from the beginning worked extra hard for me, always fielding my phone calls and any issues that came up, securing a spot for me in an excellent IOP program before I had even begun my residential treatment,” he wrote. “Tyler and Jose as shift supervisors were always present and interested in any and all problems that I had within the community. When I moved on to sober living, my house manager Joey made me feel welcome and comfortable.”

Physical comfort is an integral part of the recovery process at Muse, where accommodations are designed to support recovery. Muse seeks to make clients feel as welcome as if they were in their own homes. Many client testimonials have mentioned the delicious food and well-appointed surroundings.

“The facilities, from detox to sober living, were clean and plush,” Beau wrote. “The facility employed excellent chefs, and the food was fantastic, and my dietary needs were addressed. The (housekeepers) kept my bed made and room clean, and the medical staff were kind and patient with me, providing my meds while I detoxed and throughout my stay. The director, Kevin, always took time out to stop and say Hi as well as check on me.”

“Would I recommend Muse?” he wrote. “Not only yes, but I would strongly suggest anyone looking for any treatment for substance abuse go nowhere else. I’ll always, always, be grateful to everyone there.”

For anyone in need of help with substance abuse, call 800-426-1818 anytime day or night to speak with a member of the Muse Treatment team.


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