Long Island Order of Protection Lawyer Jason Bassett Discusses Order Of Protection

Long Island, New York - In a newly released article, Long Island Order of Protection lawyer Jason Bassett talks about the order of protection in Long Island. The lawyer says that an order of protection is placed against someone as a part of a criminal investigation or family law civil case.

According to the Long Island Order of Protection lawyer, “If you have had an Order of Protection placed against you, such an order can cause you to be removed from your home and may have an impact on both your personal and professional life.”

Long Island Order of Protection lawyer

In the article, the lawyer also mentions that violating an order of protection can have serious consequences. Even if there was no harm done, a violation of the terms of the protection order can cause someone to be charged with criminal contempt and can be subject to additional penalties.

“The only way an Order of Protection can be vacated or have its terms amended is through the court system. While you may petition the court to vacate an Order of Protection, ultimately that decision rests solely with the judge,” adds the order of protection lawyer.

Attorney Jason Bassett explains that an order of protection is usually issued against a defendant who is pending a hearing. This includes matters like domestic violence, sex offenses, assault, harassment, and endangering the welfare of a child.

The order of protection lawyer also adds that in a family court, someone is able to qualify for a petition if they have previously shared an intimate relationship with the accused. This includes a current or former spouse, a current or former intimate partner, those related by blood, or people with children in common.

Additionally, the lawyer also talks about the types of order of protection in the new article. An Order of Protection can either be a full stay-away order or a limited refrain from order, each varying with the circumstances.

Furthermore, the order of protection lawyer also says, “Violation of an Order of Protection is a crime and can result in other serious consequences on top of any criminal charges you may already be facing.”

Lastly, the Long Island Order of Protection lawyer Jason Bassett emphasizes that it is very important to have a skilled lawyer if someone violated a term of the protection order. An experienced lawyer can help guide the defendant in the next steps and help protect their rights.

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