Long Island Assault Defense Attorney Receives Another Favorable Client Testimonial

Suffolk County, NY – Jason Bassett, a top-rated assault defense attorney, continues to add on to his reputation and winning record with an additional great client testimonial:

Nick S., of Huntington, NY says:

assault defense attorney

“Nobody wants to hire a criminal attorney, but if you ever must hire one, Jason is the best one on Long Island. Right after going through a very tough situation, and feeling very alone, a friend recommended I call Jason Bassett. The best advice I ever got. You could not choose a more compassionate, knowledgeable, likable person than Jason. He is truthful but empathetic. He helped me and my family so much, in the long run, everything ended up being ok. many thanks again!”

Based in Central Islip, NY, and with a professional service area on Long Island, including in Suffolk County and Nassau County, the assault defense attorney has a long track record of effective representation and guiding the law firm's clients through the processes and hurdles of their cases. For many criminal defense attorneys, assault cases represent some of the most difficult in their practice. However, Jason Bassett and the staff at the Law Offices of Jason Bassett work hard to make certain that their criminal defense clients are competently represented no matter how complex their case.

Regarding assault defense cases, Jason Bassett says:

“In the state of New York, the term assault is a general term that refers to various violations that involve physical harm to one person by another. And like many other crimes, a conviction can have serious consequences and have a long-term effect on your future.”

Assault defense cases are known for their complex character and call for a dedicated, knowledgeable lawyer who can help secure the best outcome for any criminal defendant.

Jason Bassett goes on to explain:

“Under New York criminal laws, the requirement for an assault conviction is a physical injury caused to an individual by the defendant without justification. Assault charges will vary depending on the harm done, the motivation, and whether or not a weapon was used. These types of crimes can be charged as a misdemeanor, a Class D felony, or a Class B felony, with prosecutors deciding on what type of charges to bring depending upon the factors surrounding the incident. “

Jason Bassett and his law office team at the law offices of Jason Bassett, work tirelessly to make sure every detail of an assault case is thoroughly evaluated. This process includes reviews of medical and police records, a review of other cases involving either party, researching similar legal cases in New York, and much more.

The assault defense attorney and all the staff at the Law Office of Jason Bassett P.C. try to treat their clients in a way that goes above and beyond the manner of a traditional criminal defense lawyer. The law office staff pride themselves on their ongoing commitment to clients, a caring and thoughtful manner, and protecting their client's rights both in and out of the courtroom.


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