Long Distance Movers Mr Relokate Is Facilitating Full-Service Moves For Toronto Residents

Etobicoke, Ontario -

Toronto moving company Mr Relokate is offering long-distance moving services to homeowners moving in and out of the Greater Toronto area.

Moving can be quite stressful given the myriad ways in which things can go wrong. Long-distance moving is even more anxiety-inducing because homeowners only get one chance to make the trip. The pressure to get everything right the first time can compound the already difficult task of planning a long-distance move. In such a demanding situation, full-service moving companies can come to the rescue. A full-service moving company, like Mr Relokate, will assume responsibility for every task no matter small it is. With a full-service long-distance moving company, homeowners can just sit back and relax while a dedicated personal move coordinator grapples with all the details of the move to ensure it goes smoothly and finishes on time.

A full-service long-distance moving company will take over tasks such as protection of the home against damage, properly packing all the belongings, furniture and box loading and unloading, transportation of all the homeowner’s possessions, assembly and disassembly of furniture, and furniture unpacking and arrangement in the new home. Full-service movers are equipped with all the tools and materials necessary to ensure the customers’ items are securely packed. The loading is also handled by the moving technicians who pack the belongings in the truck without wasting space, for maximum efficiency and to save transport costs. When the client’s belongings reach their destination, the crew will follow the homeowner’s instructions to a T and place them exactly where the client wants.

A spokesperson for Toronto long distance movers Mr Relokate talks about what makes its cross-country moving services special by saying, “A lot of our Toronto clients are too busy with work or school to make time for moving. Some of our clients are seniors who need all the help they can get with their furniture and belongings. Toronto homeowners who are unable to dedicate time to move, for whatever reason, have come to rely on Mr Relokate’s full-service moving capabilities primarily because we offer them peace of mind. Our track record of a meager 1% claims rate from over 10,000 customers served, has netted us a 98% customer referral rate. We firmly believe that long-distance moving requires a unique set of skills and professional coordination to pull off successfully. We have methodically built up these skills among our staff and implemented result-driven work processes to meet all our clients’ expectations. We use the years of moving experience that our moving technicians and coordinators have, facilitating countless moves, to plan a workaround for every logistical challenge that one can encounter. When you come to us you are getting the help of the best moving company in Toronto to solve your problems. If you are planning a long-distance or interprovincial move to or into Toronto, call us today and let us take over the seemingly monumental task. If you want to watch video content about our moving services, follow us on our YouTube channel.”

Mr Relokate is also reminding Toronto residents of the precautions to take when finding a company to facilitate a long-distance move. In Toronto, long-distance moving is defined as relocating over anywhere between 50 to 100 miles. Moreover, if the move is across provincial lines, regardless of the distance, it is called an interprovincial move. Moving across the country requires crossing several province lines. Therefore, the company recommends only hiring a moving company that is capable of performing interprovincial moves, even if the distance is far lesser than 50 miles. Apart from looking at online reviews of a moving company’s services, homeowners are also recommended to verify the company’s Canadian Council of Motor Transport Administrators (CCMTA) registration to make sure that it is licensed, bonded, and insured.

Readers can contact Mr Relokate at mrrelokate@gmail.com or (437) 236-5027. The company serves all areas in and near Greater Toronto including Etobicoke, Mississauga, Richmond Hill, Burlington, Oakville, Brampton, Vaughan, Markham, Hamilton, and Thornhill.


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