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LondonxCity, based in London, UK is sharing a variety of fashion tips and pointers on how to spend less on clothing in a post published on their site. The site provides their community with information which includes details about fashion and beauty, celebrity news and shows, London news, health and body, money, sports and movies. Learn more here: Fashion spending wisely.

The article talks about how one must change and update one’s wardrobe in order to suit the season. For that, one must first be aware of the clothing that one already owns. To quote the post, “Do you have anything in your wardrobe which may be okay for next season? We are all being encouraged to spend less on clothes and buy fewer clothes in the first place. It seems that many of the ways in which we produce clothes are having a harmful effect on our environment.” The importance of sustainable usage and purchasing clothes as needed as opposed to on a whim is emphasized in the post.

For the dual benefit of being eco-friendly and financially balanced, it is worth noting that there is no need to buy a completely new wardrobe for every season. In order to spend wisely, one must first think about what one needs (in two separate lists). The first list is for the clothes one will need for work and the other should be for leisure wear, which would include casual wear and even party wear. The article also brings attention to the fact that most people only wear 10% of the clothes they own. To put it simply, spending less on clothes is a good idea.

The article presents a novel idea: shopping in charity or thrift shops. One way to save money on clothes, and to even find better quality clothes, is to shop in charity shops. Many smart shoppers save a small fortune by shopping in charity shops. One may be able to find genuine and even designer clothes at a fraction of the original cost. Once one is accustomed to shopping in charity shops, one would even be able to find some good bargains. As the article states, “You will be pleasantly surprised when you find out how many people ‘dump’ some really nice clothes in charity shops. Who knows — you may even pick up a designer bag if you are lucky?”

Another concept presented by the article is to pay more for high quality clothes. Paying more for quality clothing is another good way of saving money in the long run. Instead of rushing out to buy a cheap garment, spending a little more on a better-quality garment would enable one to be able to wear and maintain the clothes for a longer period of time with minimal wear and tear. The article points out that some brands are better than others, and one should look out for clothes which are rich in cotton. Clothes made from cotton-rich fabrics are less likely to shrink and will stay looking sharper for longer. The article also points out that one can put some of one’s clothes up for resale at a local sale. One may have a bigger budget for one’s updated wardrobe by selling the clothes which one does not need if they are in good condition. Learn more here:

LondonxCity takes a special interest in online retailers in the UK. They are primarily a blog site which publishes articles on various topics related to London and other parts of the world. Chloe from LondonxCity says: "London is the city where practically everything happens. We have the glitz, the glamour, the fun, the fantastic nightlife, the health gurus, the culture, the arts and more. Through the London X City website, we want to make sure that nobody misses another event, and that people can get to know just what makes this city so special." The website covers articles with tips for healthy lifestyle, weight loss, to places to visit in London and even the latest celebrity and sports related news. The diversity of topics covered ensures that there is content to suit anyone’s interest on the LondonxCity site.

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