London X City Website Sheds Light On City’s Worst Broadband Providers

UK, based Londoncity is reaching out to share information regarding the least favourable and useful broadband providers currently available in the city of London. Despite being one of the world’s centers of commerce, London is far from immune to the perils of poor broadband, and Londoncity is delighted to give their readers all the information and inclination they need to stay far away from these unlikable options. Find out more on the company’s website, which explores a wide and varied range of topics on life in the city.

London residents may expect to be paying for some of the best broadband in the world, even if they also find themselves calling up their provider to report problems with their coverage or even the speed of their connection. Unknown to many, however, the city is actually known for its residents having to pay relatively more for a slower broadband connection than can be found in many other countries around the world. For a city of London’s calibre, this is inexcusable. Fortunately, however, Londoncity may have the answer that many Londoners seek, giving them the tips they need to support the best networks around and receive the best coverage in return. Hopefully, this increase in customers will translate to an improvement in overall standards in the future as well, especially if the worst providers begin making an attempt to be more competitive in order to survive.

The value of a broadband provider is defined by several criteria, including prices, coverage, speed, customer service and much more. All of these individual pieces of information come together to create a customer experience that shapes how people experience the internet and how willing they are to continue with their current provider should they be given the chance to switch to another at some point. Learn more here:

To that end, it is relatively easy to pick out a contender for the worst among broadband providers. Making matters even simpler, the contenders for the worst spot (and conversely the best) are named every quarter by Ofcom, the UK’s telecommunications regulator. Since part of their mandate is to ensure that the country’s inhabitants have the most up to date information on how their providers are doing, their conclusions and data can prove invaluable for the average consumer who simply wants to get the most value for their hard-earned money.

It may come as no surprise to a large portion of London residents that Vodafone continues to be identified as the most problematic broadband provider in the region. Ofcom reports that Vodafone is more often criticised by its customers for a variety of important factors, including poor customer service, faulty devices and problems with installation. Vodafone also led the charts in terms of the mobile, landline and broadband providers most complained about, perhaps demonstrating that the company’s issues are present in virtually all the services they offer. Vodafone is followed by Plusnet, Talktalk and Virgin Media on the list of worst broadband providers.

London is hardly the only city in the UK that is facing poorer internet capabilities when compared with other regions. Given the country’s ageing infrastructure, new technologies such as fiber networks have been slow to spread, and the UK still relies heavily on networks that are copper-based to some extent.

While these issues are being sorted out, however, there is some hope for consumers. Thanks to the competitive nature of the industry, it has never been easier for someone to switch to a different provider or package if they feel that what they are getting is currently less than what they need in some way. The variety of packages on offer also means that most will be able to find something that is reasonable for their usage, even if it comes with some caveats.

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