London X City Shows How to Find Gorgeous Girls in London

London X City, which is a London, UK based website offering interesting info on various aspects of life in London and in other parts of the world, has recently published an article on how to meet beautiful girls in London even while the pandemic is still going on. In another article, they also offered advice on how to approach a girl to increase one’s chances in dating a girl in London. It is important to realize that there’s only a little difference between failure and success. Apparently, it is difficult to predict how a particular girl will react to one’s approach but it is vital to notice the subtle signs indicating that she is reacting positively.

Karla, a spokesperson for London X City, says, “Finding amazing girls in London is indeed possible, and you can go on a memorable date if you want to, despite the current pandemic. Remember that the success or failure of your approach is defined during the first minute that you talk to a girl, whether you are able to make her laugh or smile. That’s the crucial moment and from then on, if you have been successful in getting her to be interested, you just need to follow up with questions that reveal whether you have any common interests. It just takes a little practice to master the best approaches to find gorgeous girls in London.”

Funny chat up lines might help in arousing a girl’s curiosity. For instance, one chat up line that may deliver positive results is asking if she has the time. Her reaction will usually be to tell the time but this is followed up by clarifying that what one is asking is if she has the time to write down one’s phone number. Even if the chat line is cheesy, as long as it makes her laugh, it offers a good chance to break the ice and possibly be the start of a great relationship.

Naturally, going out on physical dates is essential to get to enjoy each other’s company and know each other better. There’s nothing wrong with going out on dates as long one complies with all the current health guidelines and rules. But with the current situation where there are some restrictions, it is vital to be creative. Fortunately, most bars, restaurants, and pubs, are ready to deal with the situation. Some even have extra large tables for people going out for a date night to ensure proper distancing of at least one metre apart.

Because of the current situation, it is best to avoid crowded places. If this is not possible during a date night, it may be a good idea to go out on a daytime date. At present, there are places in London where two people can have a great time while ensuring that they’re away from crowds. For instance, there is the London Zoo, which is a great place to visit now that there are much less people going there. People who are still getting to know each other can enjoy watching the animals and perhaps feel like kids again.

There is also the Tower of London, especially for people interested in history. Couples going out on their first dates can explore this popular fortress that was used as a palace and a prison. A ticket allows people to see the White Tower, the Chapel of St Peter ad Vincula, the Crown Jewels, Medieval Palace, Bloody Tower, Battlements, Fusiliers Museum, Royal Mint exhibition, and Torture at the Tower exhibition. The Beauchamp Tower is currently partly closed.

It is also to possible to check out the Kew Gardens in Richmond. There are interesting sights, such as the huge water lily leaves at the Palm House. In the spring, a butterfly display is presented with hundreds of butterflies flying around the Palm House. During winter, there is a light show or a sculpture exhibition in and around the gardens.

Those who would like to get more tips on dating or finding stunning girls in London or get some tips on developing relationships can visit the London X City website at or contact them on the telephone or through email.


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