London X City Releases Health and Weight Article on Shakes and Supplements for Weight Loss

London X City, an online resource that discusses various topics related to London and other parts of the world, has recently published a health and weight article comparing supplements and shakes for dieting. More about this article can be gleaned from The article pointed out that the shakes for dieting were a bit suspicious because while they contained vitamins and minerals, there was very little fibre, which is what is needed to help make a dieting person feel full. And with regards to supplements for dieting, they claim to help with fat burning and in speeding up metabolism but this appears to be suspicious because they don’t contain ingredients that could do such things. In addition, these supplements were quite expensive and were usually endorsed by celebrities.

The article points out that there is an abundance of diet shakes on the market that can be purchased either online or through high street stores in London. The article author had visited such a store in London to find out about diet shakes and supplements and found 24 different brands of shakes in the store. They all claimed that they can help a person to lose weight and then prevent the lost weight from coming back. In addition, they all promoted weight loss and maintenance programs. The products also claimed that they have natural ingredients and as such would be beneficial to the person’s overall health.

The primary principle of the diet shakes is that they are supposed to replace certain meals as a way to reduce calorie intake. In addition, each shake company claimed that the shakes provided the necessary nutrition to ensure that a person will not lack any nutrients, including vitamins and minerals, which means that the person trying to lose weight will not be nutritionally deficient during the process. The issue that was found in the shakes was that they were not really natural and that they lack sufficient amounts of dietary fibre, which is necessary to make the person feel full longer and why people who are on a diet are often advised to add fruit and vegetables to their meals. It was observed that they were not actually natural and even contained potentially harmful ingredients, such as artificial sweeteners and preservatives.

Chloe, a representative for London X City, says, “In that store, the author also found a wide array of diet supplements that are supposed to help people lose any unwanted weight. There were actually more diet supplements than diet shakes and all of the supplements promised that a person can lose weight even without changing his or her diet. This was supposedly made possible by the fact that the supplements can speed up metabolism and burn fat. But it was really difficult to understand how the diet supplement can actually burn fat or boost metabolism.”

The article author noted that the diet supplements all claimed that it was not necessary to exercise and eat less calories. All that a person would need to do was to simply take a pill or two in the morning before breakfast and go on eating as before. What seemed to be quite suspicious was the fact that the supplements for losing weight were being promoted by celebrities and were quite expensive. Celebrities usually charge a significant amount of money for endorsing any product and this could have contributed to the high price of the supplements.

The article points out that while the weight loss supplements and shakes may work for some people, it may not be the right solution for some people. The author recommends exercise, eating less calories, and a healthy diet as a better way to lose weight instead of taking supplements and shakes.

Those who are interested in learning more about choosing between diet supplements and diet shakes and other health issues may want to check out the London X City website, or contact them on the phone or through email. More health-related articles can be read from the site on various topics, such as the question on whether to ban smoking in public places, the possible health risks of going on an extreme diet, and how to breathe better in London.


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