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London X City, a London, UK based online news aggregator, would like to reach out to London residents who may be in search of a reliable source of news and regular reports on a variety of topics. The site offers articles that cover a large spectrum of life in London, exploring subjects like the COVID-19 crisis, places to visit outside of London and whether or not it is possible to live in a shipping container. Readers can also find news on their favourite celebrities, fashion trends and information on how to maintain a healthy mind and body and so on.

“We’ve set out to make it so you can find an article about anything and everything,” says a representative of London X City. “Whether you’re interested in politics or travelling or just want to know who did what this week in the world of celebrities, we’ve got you covered. You can find pages and pages of articles talking about every little thing imaginable, and we’re always adding more so you can be sure that if we haven’t talked about a specific topic yet, we’ll get to it soon.” Learn more here: Nightlife In The City Of London.

Their most recent article addresses the COVID-19 pandemic and the possible implications if scientists fail to find a vaccine. Experts are unsure of when and if it is possible to develop a cure for the virus due to a number of factors. For instance, given that the virus has mutated several times (and new strains are appearing all the time), it is very difficult to come up with an effective vaccine that can be administered globally. Many people are wondering what the future will look like and whether or not this is the ‘new normal,’ and the article addresses the many ways in which people around the world’s lives might be changed forever.

One area the article addresses is the future of retail. “A large number of retail analysts truly believe it is too late for the high street,” says the article. “We know the way we shop was slowly changing, but coronavirus seems to have speeded up the process. An increasing number of stores are closing. We have even seen trusted retail outlets such as Debenhams and House of Fraser close. Department store shopping has always been popular in the UK, but now it would appear this is changing as well. This popular way of shopping appears to have had its day. Big stores have certainly gone out of fashion. It is not only our department stores that are struggling. Other traditional stores with large retail areas such as Marks and Spencer and Top Shop are also beginning to see a decline in customer numbers. We knew the retail industry was going to change in the years to come thanks to the Internet, but the coronavirus appears to have speeded up the process”

Work is another question the COVID-19 pandemic has put on people’s minds. The virus has seriously affected the retail industry and in turn affected the way most people work, with many being forced to work from home or simply being laid off. Many business parks and areas, such as the City of London and Canary Wharf, are set to experience serious change says the article, and this will affect the lives of thousands of workers.

The article also addresses the question of holidays. Many Brits love to travel, and the COVID-19 crisis has hurt the travel industry considerably. Taxes have increased to reduce the environmental impact of frequent air travel, and the airline industry is more or less shut down. Things are rapidly changing in every area of the travel industry, and this is forcing both individuals and companies to reconsider how much they fly every year.

Eating out with friends and family is one thing that many people miss from ‘the before times’ as well, and this has been seriously affected by the pandemic. As the article says, “Going out for a meal has always been a pleasure but even that is beginning to change. Thanks to companies such as Uber and others, we are now ordering more takeaway than ever before. Sure, we still like to meet up with our friends for a meal, but it is much more likely that we will be doing so in our homes. It makes you wonder what is going to happen. Are we looking at smaller restaurants or is eating takeaway at home going to be the new normal? We have a long way to go before we find out what the “new normal” means. One thing is for sure, our lives are beginning to become increasingly isolated.”

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