London X City Publishes Health Care Article Discussing The Pros And Cons Of Diet Supplements And Diet Shakes

London X City, an online publication dealing with topics such as fashion, beauty, celebrities, weight loss, news, health, body, money, sports, and movies, has published an article discussing the pros and cons of diet supplements and diet shakes. The article can be read in its entirety at

According to the article, the internet is packed with information and advice on weight loss. It gives an often-cited example of losing 10 kilos of weight in 10 days. The article says that though such weight loss is possible, it questions the safety of such a drastic loss in weight in such a short time. It goes on to say that the real question that one should ask is how they can lose weight safely and keep the weight off. According to the article, at the end of the day, keeping the weight off should always be the ultimate goal. Due to these reasons, the article recommends lifestyle changes instead of using weight loss methods.

The article then asks the question of whether making lifestyle changes is possible by using diet shakes and weight loss supplements. The article goes on to say that to answer this question, before buying a diet shake or a weight loss supplement, one must ask if the ingredients contained in the shake or supplement are safe and effective.

The article then says that there are hundreds of different types of shakes on the market for health and diets that can be bought on the internet and in high street stores. The writer then says that they recently visited their local branch of Holland and Barrett to check out both its diet supplements and diet shakes. The writer expected to find a few different types of diet shakes. They go on to say that, to their surprise, they came across 24 different brands of diet shakes. Upon reading the labels, the writer concluded that they all more or less claimed that they could do the same thing which is to help lose weight quickly and keep it off.

The article then says that almost all of the diet shakes that the writer checked out, promoted a weight loss program and a maintenance program. Once the weight loss was successful, the majority of them claimed they could help keep the weight off. Along with that, the diet shakes also claimed that they were natural and would benefit the writer’s overall health.

The article then explains how diet shakes work. Most of them work by meal replacement. In other words, a meal or two is replaced with a shake. All of the drinks claimed that they were nutritionally correct which means that no one would suffer from any lack of vitamins and minerals while using them. The article then says that though the shakes claimed to be all-natural, they did not contain any fiber. The fiber in the food is what actually helps the feeling of being full suppressing hunger. The fiber is the reason why it is recommended to add extra fruit and vegetables to the diet to lose weight. Many of the shakes also listed harmful ingredients such as artificial preservatives and sweeteners.

The article then talks about diet supplements by saying there are more weight loss supplements out there than diet shakes. Some of them claim to speed up metabolism while others claimed they were fat burning. All of them claimed that they could help in weight loss without changing diet. Diet supplements are also very expensive compared to diet shakes. The writer then expresses skepticism of the diet supplement weight-loss claims. The writer then says most of the diet and weight loss supplements were endorsed by celebrities. The writer pulls from their experience of the promotional industry to say that celebs charge a small fortune for promoting a product. They go on to say that the entire concept made them wonder if the weight loss supplement industry is a money-making venture.

The writer ends the article by saying that instead of going with diet supplements or diet shakes, they decided to invest in a pair of trainers instead. They later visited the local supermarket, invested in a couple of nice fish dishes, stocked up on fruit and vegetables, and went home to their trusted exercise mat. The writer concludes that there is a lot more to a healthy diet than losing weight and cutting calories.


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