London X City Offers Advice on Safe Dating During a Global Epidemic in New Blog Post

London X City, an online resource that focuses on a wide range of topics related to London and other parts of the world, has published a blog post that offers advice on safe dating during global epidemics. They point out that there is actually no reason to avoid going on physical dates during the current pandemic but it is vital to follow all of the recommended health protocols and guidelines. Because of the restrictions, it may be necessary to get creative. When planning to go on a physical date, it is vital to make that person part of one’s social bubble and therefore it is vital to plan ahead. Those who want to read the article can do so at

One important consideration is whether to wear a face mask while going on a date at night. Since that someone is likely not part of one’s social bubble, it is important to wear a face mask on the first date night. It is advisable to wear a mask and follow social distancing protocols while riding a public transport in London.

With regards to social distancing, this is not really clear how far apart two people must maintain but, in general, one metre apart is acceptable. Fortunately, most bars, restaurants, and pubs are ready for such situations where two people are on a date. Some even have provided huge tables to allow people on a date to maintain social distancing. And it may be a good idea to inform the establishment beforehand about the plan to go there on a date so that they can prepare.

During the date, it is a good idea to know what can be done. Naturally, it is possible to go for a drink or meal. However, it is vital to ensure that the place for the date is not a crowded place. If crowded places cannot be avoided at night, it may be a good idea to go on a daytime date. In fact, because of the coronavirus pandemic, it may be possible to go on a date in various locations in London that are no longer crowded. For instance, it is possible to go on a date at daytime in London and possibly cultivate a happy and safe relationship, in various places, including the Tower of London. Those who are on a date can check out the ravens and the Yeoman. This is a historic place in London where people can enjoy some ice cream on a park bench.

Another good place to go for a date in London is the London Zoo. This happens to be the world’s oldest scientific zoo and now that there’s a pandemic, there would be no crowds to deal with. People on a date can enjoy the amusing behavior of the animals and while some people may not consider this as appropriate for a romantic date, it is perfectly fine for a first date.

Another good place to go to during the daytime in London is the Kew Gardens in Richmond. This is an interesting place to visit. It is a botanic garden that 9 out of 10 Londoners have not yet visited. Places to go to in this botanic garden include the Palm House with its massive water lily leaves, the butterfly display around the Palm House during early spring, and the light show or sculpture exhibition in and around the gardens during winter.

And, of course, people on a date can enjoy having a picnic in a London park. Following social distancing rules is easy when going on a picnic. One can simply bring a large blanket but it is important not to share cutlery and cups or drinks. Meanwhile, kissing is out of the question as of the moment because of the threat of the coronavirus.

Those who are interested in having safe together in relationship during the pandemic can check out the London X City website or contact them on the phone or through email.


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