London X City Looks Into Popular Weight Loss Claims

London, England-based London X City would like to reach out to the general public to advise them on the validity of some popular weight loss claims. London X City is an online magazine that publishes articles about a wide variety of topics that are mostly related to the city of London. Their online presence allows people across the globe to have a wider view of London without having to visit in person. Those interested in reading great articles from may do so by heading over to their website.

One of the most recent articles on their website is entitled ‘Can Lemon Water Help You To Lose Weight?’ As the magazine is aware, there is a great deal of advice out there about losing weight. Some of this advice is good and legitimate, but some are nonsensical and have little to no scientific basis to back them up. However, there are still a lot of people who actually put their faith in these invalid pieces of weight loss advice. Drinking fruit infused water and taking expensive weight loss supplements, for instance, are often believed to be useful when it comes to losing weight. People need to be careful in assessing the weight loss advice they receive, especially since most of these methods are not only ineffective but also pose significant health risks as well.

The first piece of advice looked at in the article is the practice of drinking lemon water. Many believe that drinking lemon water has helped them lose weight, and they end up telling others about their experience. However, drinking lemon water does not really help people lose weight on its own. While it does help in cleansing the kidneys and speeding up the digestive system, it does not really speed up weight loss. What it can do is help people drink more water (as lemons can make water taste better). Alternatively, those who do not really like the taste of lemons may swap them out for limes as limes have similar properties to lemons.

The article, which can be accessed at, then talks about apple cider vinegar. Many people swear about the weight loss benefits of apple cider vinegar and how it has helped them lose kilo after kilo. However, anyone that digs deeper will find that these individuals usually reveal that they have used apple cider vinegar as a part of a general weight loss program — not on its own. They usually have taken steps to eat less and exercise more, for it is very unlikely that the apple cider vinegar alone was the cause of their weight loss.

The next thing that the article tackles is the use of expensive weight loss supplements. Before buying these products, people need to research whether they are truly legitimate or not. Most often, a small print can be found on the labels of weight loss supplements telling customers that they only work best when used as a part of a calorie-controlled diet. Weight loss companies have relied on this small print heavily because they cannot actually guarantee results. The print may be small, but its implications are huge as it means that weight loss supplements do not really work unless people also eat less.

The article ends with a very important advice for the community: Those who are looking to shave off some weight and get fitter need to learn the importance of eating properly and doing regular exercise. They can choose to start small — as changing even a few eating habits can help kickstart their diet. For example, they can choose to avoid sugary cereal for breakfast and go for a healthy homemade muesli instead. They can watch how much sugar they put into their coffee, and they can be careful about their drinking habits. Losing weight does not have to be a complicated endeavour. People do not need to push themselves too hard, take special weight loss supplements or drink apple cider vinegar. Losing weight is all about eating properly, adding more healthy foods such as fruit and vegetables to a diet and becoming more active.

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