London X City Investigates Lemons For Good Health & Weight Loss

London, UK based online publication London X City is reaching out to share their findings regarding the role lemon water plays in healthy living and weight loss. The latter is particularly important to many people today, especially given that their past exercise routines have likely been interrupted by the onset of the pandemic, and this has spurred the publication to reach out to their readership. Learn more by visiting their official website at the following link:

“When it comes to losing weight,” states London X City in an article they published on the topic, “a plethora of advice is available. Some of it is good advice, and other advice is just plain crazy and has none or little scientific basis. However, that does not stop many people from making some crazy claims. If you believe some weight loss guides on the Internet, anything from sipping lemon water to taking overpriced supplements will help. Sounds great, but should we not find out what really works instead of trying anything from eating frogs’ legs to drinking two gallons of water per day?”

Lemon water, apple cider vinegar and a host of other concoctions are routinely touted in health and weight loss circles by those who profess to have experienced great results using these items. However, London X City’s discovered that many if not all of these claims were made slightly out of context — the people involved may have been using these items, but they also combined this usage with other strategies that have more scientific backing. The most prominent of these, according to the publication, are exercise and careful diets, both of which have been conclusively proven to assist with weight loss and muscle gain.

Notably, London X City is quick to point out here that not all diets are made equal. Some, identified in many forms of media as ‘extreme’ diets, can actually be quite harmful, and weight watchers should instead aim for a consistent stream of progress that takes place gradually over time rather than try to lose all their unwanted weight in a relatively short period. In fact, many who report success with such diets are actually only losing ‘water weight,’ which is not a permanent loss (and an unhealthy state to maintain). While there is nothing wrong with using lemons for good health, any action taken should be in moderation. Similarly, it is wise to have achievable expectations in order to avoid feeling like any progress made is not good enough.

They add, “What about weight loss supplements? If you think that a supplement will help you to lose weight, you should perhaps read the label on the bottle a bit better before you part with your hard-earned cash. The small print is always something that the weight loss industry has relied on heavily. When you read the label, it is bound to tell you that the supplement you are holding in your hand, works best when used as part of a calorie-controlled diet. That really tells you everything that you need to know about weight loss supplements — they don’t work unless you eat less.”

The answer, London X City believes, is to stop adding complications to weight loss. Exercise and good eating habits pave the way to success more often than not, and products that claim to aid this journey are often wholly unnecessary. If in doubt, an individual can always consult with their doctor (given that there are certain medical conditions that lead to weight gain). The results, however, are usually in the individual’s hands alone.

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