London X City: How Vaccines Can Save Lives

UK based London X City is bringing their readership’s attention to an article they published that looks into how COVID-19 vaccines could be the key to saving thousands of lives around the world. The article explores what could have happened in the event a vaccine was not found, and why failing to find a vaccine could have catastrophic results. Read ‘What If We Don’t Find A Vaccine For Coronavirus’ here:

At the time, medical experts around the world were not completely sure whether or not it was possible to develop a usable, reliable vaccine for the COVID-19 virus. There are a number of reasons why the medical community were not completely certain about the possibility of finding a usable vaccine, first among which is the fact that the virus had already mutated multiple times. “The strain of coronavirus found in the United States is slightly different from the strain found in the UK and other countries,” says the London X City article. “The strain of coronavirus found in the United States is slightly different from the strain found in the UK and other countries.”

One area that has been hit particularly hard by the pandemic is the retail industry. A number of analysts believe that it may be too late for the high street. While the way the average person shops has been changing slowly but surely, the pandemic has sped up the process by a great deal — and a large number of stores are closing. Trusted outlets like Debenhams and House of Fraser have closed and department stores, which have always been very popular in the United Kingdom, are becoming less popular as fewer people are able to actually go out and shop. Large stores have certainly gone out of fashion, and most if not all stores are struggling to stay afloat. While researchers primarily develop vaccines to save lives, the Covid-19 vaccines will likely contribute to the salvation of livelihoods as well.

As the London X City article says, “Coronavirus has not only affected the retail industry. It has also affected the way we work. More of us than ever before work from home or would like to work from home. Having more people working from home will also greatly change the landscape of many business parks and areas such as the City of London and Canary Wharf. Both areas are packed with offices which would normally house thousands of workers. Not only are business parks and other packed with virtually empty offices at the moment. Other businesses such as coffee shops and other commercial entities which service offices have been forced, at least on a temporary basis, been forced to close their doors. It makes you wonder if the office workers do not come back, will the other businesses in the so-called ‘office supply chain’ bounce back? The truth is that coronavirus has the ability to change the way we work forever. Once again, the home working revolution was coming anyway. Coronavirus has just speeded it up.”

The holiday industry is perhaps the hardest hit industry of all. Brits have always loved to go on holiday but with the COVID-19 restrictions in various countries all around the world, it is incredibly difficult to go on holiday. It is all but impossible to find a flight to some destinations with many countries having shut down to avoid spreading the virus — and on arrival, many countries demand that anyone arriving from abroad quarantine for a period of time. Before the pandemic, people were encouraged to consider how much they fly every year but now it is all but impossible to leave the country thanks to the pandemic.

Eating out is another activity that has been seriously affected by the pandemic. Going out for a meal is something that people used to take for granted but now that it is impossible, many have become acutely aware of how much they miss going out with their friends. There has been a sharp increase in people ordering in, with services like Uber making it possible to get food delivered to their doorstep with ease.

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