London X City Describes Great Places to Visit Outside of London

London X City, an online resource that focuses on various topics related to London and other parts of the world, has published a blog post on great places to go when visiting outside London. While London is an amazing place to visit, many people fail to consider visiting places outside of London. Such places are packed with Roman and British history and some of them are within easy reach from London by train.

One such place is Oxford, which is a great place to visit at any time of the year, although summer is the best time to visit because it will allow visitors to enjoy all of the best that Oxford can offer, such as visiting some of the famous colleges without crowds of students getting in the way, and punting on The Isis. Oxford is also a great city to take long walks and visit antique book stores.

Another great place to visit outside of London is Bath, a city in Somerset, England, that is famous for its Roman-built baths. This city can easily be reached by train from London and one day will not be sufficient to see everything that it has to offer. Luckily, Bath has a lot of excellent hotels where visitors can stay overnight. Aside from the tea rooms and Roman baths, the city also has several best gourmet restaurants. More about this article can be gleaned from

Another great place to visit outside of London is the city of Salisbury, which is famous for its remarkable cathedral and water meadows found in the middle of the city. Visitors can also take a look at the Stonehenge close by and other ancient monuments that remind people of the close link that UK still has with the ancient cult of Druids.

And while going home from Salisbury, people may want to visit the city of Winchester, which was previously the English capital. Thus, visitors would be able to find treasures, such as Kind Arthur’s Round Table, which can be found in the Winchester cathedral. Visitors can also enjoy the local tea rooms with their cakes and other treats.

With staycations becoming the trend because the pandemic has made it difficult to travel to other countries, knowing more about various interesting places in the UK can help. That is why London X City is publishing such articles that make more people aware about places to visit in their own country.

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