London Plumbing Company Encourages Residents to Take Precautions Against Freezing Pipes Due to Increased Snowfall

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London, ON — As temperatures plummet and snowfall increases during the coldest season of the year, many businesses and homeowners are dealing with the damaging effects of flooding due to frozen pipes. A plumbing company specializing in water line replacement in London, ON, is urging residents to take some simple precautions to avoid the potentially costly ramifications of dealing with busted pipes.

During the colder months, it’s typical for water to freeze into ice inside of pipes. The fact that the ice then expands is what leads the pipes to burst. There are, however, several steps that can be taken to help keep pipes warm enough that the water will not freeze.

Primarily, individuals should attempt to keep at least some heat on outside walls where water pipes enter a home or business. Next, it is important to keep water moving through pipes by keeping a sink or bathtub faucet open just enough for a small amount of water to continuously trickle out. Another tip is to make sure that exterior hose taps are well insulated, which can be done by wrapping insulation products or even dry cloth around them. Lastly, all home and business owners should know where the water shutoff valves are located so that they can turn them off if flooding does occur.

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