Lombard, IL Personal Training Studio All Day Fitness Joins Chamber of Commerce

Lombard, Illinois -

All Day Fitness, a personal training studio in Lombard, Illinois that was newly opened by personal trainer Danny Babolcsay, has recently joined the Lombard Chamber of Commerce. By joining the chamber of commerce, Danny expects better visibility for the studio and other perks available to members. Meanwhile, the studio is also offering various packages at special rates as a way to help people with their NYE fitness goals. The studio offers circuit training, personal training and strength training for residents of Lombard and neighboring areas. He provides strength training and personal training programs that are fully customized based on people’s present stats and numbers, current muscle imbalances, current experiences, previous injuries, and their specific goals.

Danny Babolcsay says, “We’re doing everything we can to ensure that we are able to offer our personal training to as many people as possible. With our membership in the Lombard Chamber of Commerce, more people will get to know of our presence and the more people we can assist with their health and fitness goals. We are also offering our packages at special rates to make it easier for people to finally achieve what they have been dreaming of in terms of their health and fitness.”

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One of the basic programs offered at All Day Fitness is the Lombard personal training program. Through this program, Danny Babolcsay offers assistance in a number of things, such as: informing people about the various ways they can engage in physical activity and be able to live a healthy lifestyle; helping clients to reach their goals on health and fitness; and assistance to clients in achieving and then maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Danny Babolcsay believes that personal trainers need to have certain qualities. These include: the ability to develop well-being, health, and physical fitness training programs that are customized based on the client’s wants, needs, and goals; the capability evaluate and screen their clients successfully, both at the beginning and over time; knowledge about human anatomy, including the different principles of exercise science, essential nutrition, and functional workouts; the ability to offer safe and effective fitness programs; and an in-depth knowledge regarding flexibility, resistance and strength training; and the cardiovascular system.

All Day Fitness also offers strength training, which has to do about building a person’s strength. The key here is consistency because it is easy to lose what has been gained if a person stops training. There are different types of strength training, such as: speed strength; agile strength; endurance strength training; starting strength; maximum strength; explosive strength; and relative strength. Endurance strength training has to do with both aerobic and anaerobic exercises. Speed strength is is about sprints. And agile strength training has to do with agility, which is a vital characteristic for most types of sports.

They can also provide circuit training, which is a type of conditioning that is focused on improving strength and muscular endurance. There are different kinds of circuits, and these are circuits for strength, agility, cardio, sport specific, or a combination. Circuit training can be performed for aerobic routines, reps, time, a certain amount of exercises to perform before finish, and also circuits for movements that people usually encounter in the sport they are practicing. There are a number of advantages in making a circuit, such as time efficiency; cardiovascular benefits; a combination of cardio and strength training; and faster metabolism.

With over 14 years of experience as a personal trainer and nine years as a mixed martial artist, Danny Babolcsay expects to assist people in their health and fitness goals. He has five certifications and is busy working on getting his sixth certification. He is nationally accredited and fully insured, and he has worked with the Chicago Marathon and the Wounded Warrior Project. He specializes in: circuit training and explosive strength; personal training and corrective exercise; strength training and smart program design; endurance in general for the cardiovascular system; mobility and stretches to apply on current work, lifestyle, or for bodily use every day; and athletic performance and muscular endurance.

People who would like to know more about the services provided by All Day Fitness can visit the All Day Fitness YouTube Channel, their website, or contact them through the telephone or via email.


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