Local Shipping Store Highlights in Shipping Trends Since the Pandemic

Naperville, IL – While it may look different depending on the industry, location, or company size, it is certainly no secret that the pandemic has affected every industry across the nation. As a local shipping store in Naperville, The Boxes Etc. is highlighting the changes in shipping trends due to the ongoing pandemic.

With people around the country stuck inside for weeks and months at a time and unable to gather for holidays or events, the shipping industry drastically increased. This large increase that happened almost overnight caused chaos in the shipping industry, causing delays never seen before. As a result, many shipping companies were forced to start declining orders or giving extended shipping time frames to customers. Due to the increased demand for shipping, many retailers and consumers decided to turn to same-day delivery, also known as crowd-sourcing delivery options.

Crowd-sourcing delivery includes companies that hire members of the local community to make deliveries directly from stores in town straight to the customer's front door. These companies include Roadie, Shipt, Instacart, and Doordash. Using third-party companies as an alternative to shipping gives companies a way to ship products to customers directly from the store in town instead of warehouses. While crowd-sourced shipping is not a direct replacement for shipping companies, it is a great way to meet a need and provide a quick solution to aid the shipping industry. While life may return to normal one day, crowd-sourced shipping is sure to stick around and improve as a quick, easy way for retailers to ship to customers.

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