Local Shipping Store Highlights How the Pandemic Shifted Shipping Trends

Highland, IL - Even though the pandemic affected every industry across the nation, the effects vary based on the industry, location, or company size. The shipping industry is no different, as a shipping store in Highland, The Mail Box Store, is raising awareness of the effects of the continuing pandemic on the industry.

As people around the country stayed behind closed doors for weeks and months, the shipping industry drastically increased to meet their at-home needs. This sudden surge caused chaos in the shipping industry, causing delays never seen before. Therefore, many shipping companies had to begin declining orders or extending shipping time frames to customers. As a result of this increased shipping demand, many retailers and consumers have turned to same-day delivery services, also known as crowd-sourcing delivery options.

The concept of crowd-sourcing delivery includes companies that hire locals to deliver directly from stores in town to the customer's front door. Crowd-sourcing companies include Roadie, Shipt, Instacart, and Doordash. Crowd-sourced shipping may not replace shipping companies directly; however, it can be a great way to meet needs in the shipping industry and provide an economical and timely solution for retailers. Despite the fact that life may return to normal one day, crowd-sourced shipping is sure to stay around as a fast, easy way for retailers to ship their products to customers.

Located in Highland, IL, The Mail Box Store is a small, locally owned and operated company providing a variety of services to the local community. Services include international shipping, mailbox services, printing services, and so much more. It is the Mail Box Store Highland's goal to deliver the highest standard of customer service by providing printing, packing, and shipping services with unparalleled integrity and reliability. For more information about the service offered, give them a call at (618) 651-4700 or visit them online anytime at www.themailboxstore.net/.


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