Local Shipping Store Discusses the Effects of the Russia-Ukraine War on the Shipping Industry

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Highland, Ill. — The Mail Box Store, a provider of custom box making in Highland, IL, stays up to date on shipping industry news and likes to keep its community informed. With that in mind, The Mail Box Store is outlining the impact that the Russia-Ukraine war is having on the shipping industry.

The Russia-Ukraine conflict has disrupted global shipping, resulting in damage to the supply chain: shipment routes have been cut off by Russian forces, logistics businesses have halted operations, and air freight costs have skyrocketed.

Dylan Alperin, the head of professional services for Keelyar, a supply chain software platform, spoke with CNBC in early March regarding the closure of one of the only ocean trade access points available in Ukraine and had this to say: The closure "has created a heavy buildup of vessels waiting to get through the Kerch Strait. With 70% of Ukraine’s exports distributed via ship, the congestion is worsening by the hour.”

Additionally, Christian Roeloffs, the CotainerxChange CEO, states that "Parts of the Black Sea and Sea of Azov are now dangerous or unpassable. There have been missile attacks on vessels and ship arrests and lane closures for commercial shipping.”

Another reason for the scarcity of access is the restricted air capacity, which has been severely curtailed within Russian borders. This, together with growing oil costs, is causing shipping prices to rise.

While this may be distressing and disheartening to read, The Mail Box Store is working diligently to ensure that the pack and ship process remains as simple as possible for their customers.

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