Local School for Dental Assistants Highlights Increased Demand in 2021

Pinellas Park, Fla. – The fear regarding the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak has sent many industries scrambling. This concern is motivating many industries to look at industry projections for the upcoming years. Dental Assisting Institute is a local school for dental assistants in Pinellas Park, Florida, doing just that by highlighting the increasing demand expected in the field looking into the years to come.

Before the onset of COVID-19, dental assisting jobs were already in demand. The Bureau of Labor Statistics anticipates the number of job openings for dental assistants to grow 11% between 2018 and 2028. COVID-19 has caused the dental industry to create new protocols and has caused a brief slow down on how many patients can be treated per day. These new protocols and spreading out of appointments are keeping dental assistants extremely busy. 

"Starting in 2021, the dental industry's demand for dental assistants has been overwhelming. The need far surpasses the supply, and that is causing pay rates to rise,” stated Wendy Paquette, Director of Dental Assisting Institute.

Additionally, the state of Florida has a higher population of older individuals, which is also contributing to the growing need for healthcare, including dentistry, within the state. The growing demand in the dental assisting profession also provides job stability for years to come. Overall, dentists will be looking to increase dental assisting job openings to help manage the extra strain the industry is currently seeing due to COVID-19 and increases in needed care. 

Since 2000, Dental Assisting Institute has proudly served Central Florida, offering ten-week dental assistant training, CPR certification, X-Ray, and EFDA certification courses. Dental Assisting Institute is a privately owned institute whose longstanding reputation in Florida's dental community provides dental assistants with outstanding opportunities. For more information on courses, give them a call at (727) 547-4899 or visit them online at http://www.dai-fl.com/.


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