Local Sacramento Exterminators Providing Pigeon Control

A local pest control provider, with more than 20 years of experience providing services across Northern California, is now providing bird and pigeon control solutions. There are many reasons property owners don’t want pigeons or birds hanging out on their structure; nobody enjoy the droppings. Pest Control Cobras is helping property owners deal with bird issues and helping them to prevent them from returning.

Birds can have mites and these mites can end up left behind by the birds, which can then make their way inside your home or business. If this happens, everyone will suffer from the itching and constant discomfort. We are here to make sure that doesn’t happen,” the manager said.

The company provides a clear process for dealing with pigeon and bird removal. They do an inspection first to determine just where the birds are infesting. The nests and any nesting material is then removed and done away with. Droppings are then eliminated in and around the infested location. Next the area is disinfected because there’s a chance that parasitic insects are still present, even when the birds are long-gone.

Once we have cleaned and disinfected the area, we can help you screen or install netting around the area to prevent the birds from returning. This is an important step if you don’t want to end up with this issue again in the near future,” the manager added.

In addition to mites birds can also leave behind transmittable diseases which the company will clean and disinfect for when eliminating the nesting area. Most people are not fully aware of the risk of allowing pigeons and birds to hang around their property.

We encourage you to phone our pigeon control experts at Pest Control Cobras right away if you need us to handle a bird issue. It’s always best to take action against a pest issue right away, regardless of what kind of pest it may be,” the manager said.

Sacramento residents can contact Pest Control Cobras to learn more about their pigeon control solutions and to find out what discounts may be available at the time of service. The company can be reached by phone or online here.


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