Local Moving Services Provider Celebrates 2nd Year In Northern Virginia

Arlington, Virginia -

Arlington, VA based BoxStar Movers is celebrating their second year of service in the state. BoxStar is proud to provide top-quality moving services, storage and moving supplies to local residents across Northern Virginia.

From the beginning, BoxStar Movers set out to help customers make the most of their moving experience and avoid as much stress as possible in the process. Moving is a labor-intensive, draining process, and this means most people try to move only when they have little choice. BoxStar Movers understands this, so they made it their mission to offer a personalized service that addresses each customer’s individual needs on a case-by-case basis. The result of this is a moving experience that takes the customer’s concerns into account, addresses location-specific issues and reduces the opportunity for mistakes.

Local Moving Company in VA - BoxStar Movers 4650 Washington Blvd Arlington, VA 22201 (202) 843-9181

The fully licensed and insured company explains that the secret to their success is communication and transparency — combined with an all-inclusive white glove service. The team actively works with customers to determine which items need more care, assuring them that no valuables will be lost or damaged in transit. On top of this, the company eschews the practice of introducing hidden fees since they believe that every customer should be treated equally. As such, the final quote they receive from the company is the full amount they will have to pay (and they are entitled to request a free estimate as well).

Going even further, the team always arrives prepared to dismantle furniture and similar items onsite, following which they will reassemble and arrange all their customer’s property at the destination. In addition to giving the customer room to focus exclusively on themselves, their loved ones and any important items they will be carrying personally (such as identifying documents and so on), they will also be able to rest as soon the team departs.

Those looking for a local moving company in Virginia need look no further than BoxStar Movers. In the year the company has worked with local residents, they have achieved considerable success together, shifting precious belongings and large items across the state with little-to-no hassle or serious incident. The company knew from the outset that their customers’ first impressions would go a long way in cementing their reputation, and this is why they took measures to employ the aid of the most professional and experienced movers they could find. This investment in talent and experience appears to have paid off — the company has received an overwhelmingly positive response from their community for their efforts.

This can easily be confirmed by visiting the company’s Google profile. Here, BoxStar Movers proudly boasts a full 5-Star rating, aggregated over nearly 100 reviews from highly pleased customers. Samuel R. shares in their review, “These guys are fantastic. I’ve used BoxStar twice now, and I recommend them 100%. They communicate with you well, they show up on time, they do a tremendous job taking care of your stuff and they are fast. Both moves have come in well below the estimated time. Their estimates are very competitive, but when they come in under estimate, these guys are the best deal in town. Also, everyone has just been nice and friendly. All around, a pleasure to work with.”

These reviews indicate that the company also provides a consistently high standard of service no matter how customers discover them. Lauren explains, “From getting a quote through Yelp to booking to final payment, I got quick, efficient and affordable service. Paid a small deposit, got a reminder email the day before, driver called me the morning of to confirm arrival time and then arrived promptly. Two young men moved my stuff with care and made great time. Day was stress free, and I will definitely be using this company again next time I move.”

BoxStar Movers understands that many residents will want to learn more about the company's services and success rate before they entrust their possessions to the team. While an overview regarding their services can be found on the official BoxStar Movers website, the company invites customers to contact their team directly to discuss any concerns or requirements they may have. Duman Zhumagulov of BoxStar Movers is standing by to field all inquiries.


For more information about BoxStar Movers, contact the company here:

BoxStar Movers
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