Local Exterminators Offering Services for Earwigs

Those living in Bakersfield, CA are likely aware of the many common pests that property owners face on a regular basis. Among them is Earwigs and local exterminators, Pest Control Ninjas, is now offering reliable treatment methods for these undesirable pests.

Earwigs are actually harmless pests but because their appearance is intimidating, many people mistake them for a dangerous pest. There’s no need to panic if you’ve found one in your home or business. They simply ended up there because of an opening on your structure’s exterior that wasn’t sealed up,” the business manager said.

These particular pests have a long, narrow body shape and are a dark brown color. They can range in size from a quarter inch to an inch in length. It’s the pincers on their backside that often frightens people.

Earwigs are drawn to areas that are moist and protected, or areas that have high condensation. Of course, leaves and dirt also attract them so any space like this is an ideal environment for these little pests. Luckily, dealing with them doesn’t have to be a huge hassle.

You can call our Bakersfield earwig exterminators if you need help keeping these pests out of your property. Our technicians will inspect the structure to locate the entry points so they can be addressed and fixed. Doing this will not only keep the earwigs out, it will keep many other pests out as well. The majority of them are fairly small in size so they don’t require a large opening to make their way inside your home or business,” the manager stated.

He also explained that it’s not common to have infestations of earwigs in a property since their environmental preferences are typically found outside. However, if a property is overly moist or damp, the risk of an invasion could increase.

To get help with earwigs or another pest, residents can contact Pest Control Ninjas by phone or online. They provide inspections upon request or if necessary and oftentimes can provide an estimate right over the phone.


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