Local Company that Offers Pressure Washing Services in Nashville & Brentwood Explains the Difference Between High Pressure and Softwashing

A highly rated pressure washing in Nashville company, Clean Windows & Pressure Washing, would like people in that area to know that they offer two good quality spray washing choices. This includes both high-pressure spray applications and softwashing treatments. Since many people do not know the difference between the two or that softwashing is even possible, the company thought they would take the time to describe both of these impactful spray washing services and what they are best used for.

The company representative, Aaron Parker, says, “We are a company that likes to stay in touch with all of the different happenings that impact pressure washing businesses across the country. That’s why we were one of the first in the Nashville & Brentwood areas to offer softwashing services as opposed to always doing high-pressure spray washing. It’s just as effective as pressure washing in most cases and substantially reduces the potential for damage when doing any type of home or commercial spray washing task. We will continue to be proactive when it comes to finding and implementing the best spray washing services that are available.”

Parker stated that high-pressure washing is the more traditional of these two services and has been around a long time. It’s highly recommended for cleaning stubborn surfaces such as driveways, concrete walkways, patios, and pool decks. These often get deeply embedded dirt, algae, and mold in them that only high-pressure spraying can get out. It works great for cleaning commercial asphalt parking lots too. He stated that high-pressure washing is also the best when cleaning decks, removing graffiti, and when getting off surface rust. While some people say that you can never use high-pressure washing on house siding, that’s simply not true according to Parker. He says that it’s perfectly ok on homes with brick or stucco siding and is even preferred on these because they are tough surfaces to clean.

The company representative says that low pressure washing Brentwood services are also very popular. Low-pressure washing, or softwashing as it's commonly referred to, relies less on high powered spray and more on special environmentally safe chemicals to work dirt, grime, and organic matter loose. That’s why it’s so useful for getting stains off of roofs. It also is the choice for cleaning more delicate types of siding such as vinyl, cedar shake, wood, synthetic, and cement siding. He says it really works wonders cleaning any type of surface that a home or business owner wants to get clean in a manner that will not harm it.

Both of these spray washing services that the company provides are also very highly rated by those that have used them. In his 5-star high-pressure washing review, Rick Santeiu, states, “Had these guys power wash my house, fence, deck, and driveway and it all looks wonderful now. They also cleaned all my windows inside and out. It was no quick job as they spent a full day 8 hours here thoroughly cleaning and my whole property looks awesome now. Super nice guys, Aaron (the owner) was easy to communicate with and very accommodating. He is an outgoing friendly guy always smiling. Great service all around. Highly recommend!” Satisfied softwashing customer Gabe Torres left this glowing review, “Aaron and his team are top-notch! I'm so grateful that I found them because I had been searching for a quality roof cleaning company in Nashville and was having a hard time finding someone who could do an awesome job for a reasonable price. But Aaron and his team came in, made my roof look like new, and it didn't cost me an arm and a leg. Thank you, guys!!” They also recently performed a pressure washing Governors Club task that used both of these types of spray washing services and received a big thumbs up from the homeowner.


Besides Nashville and Brentwood, this company also provides both of these quality pressure washing services to those in Antioch, Belle Meade, Berry Hill, Forest Hills, Lakewood, Oak Hill, and Old Hickory. More on the services that Clean Windows & Pressure Washing offers can be found on their website.


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