Local Company Stands Ready to Make Fair Cash Offer for Houses In San Antonio Tx

Mr. G Buys, a company in San Antonio, TX, announced that they are ready to make fair cash offers for houses in the local area right away. Instead of wading through and waiting for the typical house buying scenario, the company can very often make an offer right on the phone. Owner Vidal Gonzalez said, “We buy houses in San Antonio, TX: it is just as simple as that. Property owners don’t need to worry about repairs or cleaning – we take care of all of that.”

Lora Hastings, one of Mr. G Buys’ customers, said that the process was as painless as it could be for her and her family. “I inherited a house that I didn’t want to live in, and I was really dreading the process of dealing with it, whether I fixed it up and sold it by the owner, or fixed it up as a rental and then dealt with tenants. Then I ran across Mr. G., and within a couple of days the money was in my bank and the house was Mr. G’s problem. We could not have been happier.”

Whether the client has owned a house for 70 years or 70 hours, Mr. G’s experienced team can help. The company also provides services to other property investors. “For our fellow investors, if they wish to be notified when we have a property available on a wholesale basis – we can put them on our list to be made aware of the properties before the general public is.”

Another customer of Mr. G’s, Thomas O, has made a point to share his experiences. “If you are looking for an expert that can help you sell your house fast in San Antonio, just call Mr. G Buys, Vidal over there has some solid experience when it comes to selling your house fast for cash. I was a little lost trying to sell my house because I didn’t have the time to fix it up, but Vidal was able to give me some great options,” he said.

Mr. Gonzales also emphasized that any information the company is given is kept entirely confidential. “People are sometimes embarrassed about the situations that they find themselves in – we understand that, which is why we are so cautious about communications with clients or prospective clients,” he added. “People often come to us at difficult times in their lives,” he continued, And we don’t take that lightly.”

People sometimes think that if their property is in foreclosure, or if there is a lien, or if there are major repairs needed in order to make it livable – that there is no company that would be interested in buying. Nothing could be further from the truth. Mr. G Buys has worked with clients in this situation many times.

It is important to note that there is no cost to a seller for Mr. Buys to purchase a property. The company and its employees are property acquisition specialists that buy houses directly from sellers. There is never a fee or commission when the company purchases a house. However, if listing the property is the best solution rather than selling it to a company, then Mr. G Buys will connect the owners with a recommended licensed agent.

The company also publishes a blog on its website that gives information about property ownership and sales. There is also helpful advice on the blog; for example, one article suggests that if a property owner seeks to sell a house on their own to an individual, that it is suggested that the owner first repairs all the ongoing maintenance issues prior to showing the house. Otherwise, the buyer will likely offer less for the house, often far in excess to the cost of any repair.

Interested persons should examine Mr. G Buys’ website, where there is quite a bit of information about what the company does, how the process works, contact information, and more. Mr. Gonzales said, “Contact us today, and let's see how we can work together.”


For more information about Mr. G Buys, contact the company here:

Mr. G Buys
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2243 S I-35 Frontage , Rd San Antonio, TX 78208