Local Company Announces This is the Best Time of Year to Get AC Repair Done

When winter is still in play people do not tend to consider how or whether their air conditioning needs to be serviced or if in fact repair is required. But Tarpy Plumbing Heating and Air would like its local community to know that this is in fact the very best time of the year to have an AC system examined, assessed, and if necessary, repaired.

The company want people to understand that failure to do such an assessment can cost a home or a business quite a substantial amount of money. Because people do not use the AC at this time of year not much thought is given to it. It can come as a big shock when it is next turned on and something does not work.

Also, many people do not realize that heating and air conditioning systems need to be serviced and maintained on a regular basis in order to perform at their best. Needless to say, if a system is not functioning at its best then that means it is going to cost more to run. For a homeowner that may not be a substantial extra cost but for a commercial premises the sum in question could be a most unwelcome extra. Costs of heating and air conditioning account for nearly 60% of the utility costs for an average home. So obviously, the better those systems are working the lower those bills are likely to be.

Scott Bergen, owner of Tarpy Plumbing, Heating, and Air said that “Sometimes small problems can grow into bigger problems if they aren’t taken care of quickly. And sometimes a small problem can cause a catastrophic failure or even a fire. Obviously, the more advance information you have about such a possibility can literally save your home and keep your loved ones safe.” This time of year, the company is less busy than it is during the height of summer, so this is the ideal time to schedule.

Leah Thompson is one of Tarpy’s most recent customers and she said, “I would recommend this company to anyone who needed to get some AC repair or maintenance work done. The company has been most helpful, and their prices are less than most people would expect. I thought they were more than fair.”

Tarpy Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning was originally formed in 2007. It was begun in the San Diego area and grew quickly into now serving the entire state. The company strives to provide each customer with outstanding service. It is a family-owned and operated business.

Mr. Bergen said “All of our employees are professionally trained, and our technicians go to regular refresher courses to keep their skills completely up to date. We aim for 100% customer satisfaction for every customer, every time, without exception.”

There is a great deal to heating and air conditioning maintenance that many people simply never think about. For example, heating ducts should be visually inspected at least once a year to be sure that they have not cracked or come loose. Even a small opening can cause loss of efficiency and that can translate into much higher energy bills.

Another reason why this is the best time of year to have that assessment performed at a reasonable cost is because the company is simply less busy than they are in the summer months. The company also has a special happening at the moment for health care workers, who have made taking care of everyone during the COVID crisis a priority. It is offering Free HVAC Maintenance Calls for Healthcare workers (within 3 months for scheduling).

The company also has a blog with a lot of information that is helpful to both business and residential property owners.

Anyone who is interested in making sure that they have their heating and air conditioning in the best possible working order should visit Tarpy Plumbing Heating and Air’s website at https://tarpyheatingandair.com/.


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