Living Arts Wellness Now Offers Inhaled Hydrogen Therapy as an Alternative to Drinking Hydrogen Water

Living Arts Wellness is always looking for new ways that have a chance of improving their client’s health. Their latest offering is what is known as Inhaled Hydrogen Therapy. This is thought to be an improved way to get hydrogen into the body over drinking water that has a high hydrogen content. For many years now people have been drinking hydrogen water because it is thought to have some health benefits. Based on that theory, a person who takes in a higher (but still safe) level of hydrogen through Inhaled Hydrogen Therapy, has a chance to get even more benefits from this inert gas that was once thought to have little impact on the human body. Now that thinking is starting to change in a very dramatic way.

The owner of Living Arts Wellness, Celeste Magnuson, says, “We are always looking for new treatments that have a chance of impacting the human body positively. Our newest therapy, Inhaled Hydrogen Therapy, is a great example of that. Over the years people have experimented with some success by intaking more hydrogen into their bodies. As was mentioned, drinking hydrogenated water was one of the ways that were popular to do this. While this was thought to have a good impact in terms of gene expression (activating genes to produce beneficial proteins), it fell short in the area of delivering enough desirable hydrogen into the circulation system. This is something that is thought to be beneficial as we age. That’s why we started offering Inhaled Hydrogen treatments because they do a much better job of delivering hydrogen into the circulating system and, in turn, better distributing it throughout a body’s organs.”

hydrogenated water

Magnuson went on to talk more about some of the assumed benefits of Inhaled Hydrogen Therapy. Some studies suggest that it might offer some benefits for those who suffer from Asthma or other respiratory ailments. Other people choose to undergo this therapy because some have told them it may help with kidney health. Yet even others have tried to get antioxidant benefits from it and seek to have it act in a neuroprotective manner in the brain. This therapy has even been experimented with as a means to combat severe cases of pneumonia that have resulted from Covid-19 infections. It’s thought to be of some benefit in this way because of its potential to act as both an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory.

Inhaled Hydrogen Therapy is not the only type of modern therapy that Living Arts Wellness offers that may benefit those that undergo them. This wellness center is always willing to try new therapies that have proven to be safe and may offer the body some nice benefits. Magnuson says that among the most popular wellness treatments at their center are massage therapy sessions and doing colon cleanses. Colon cleanses are undertaken to remove potentially unhealthy pockets of waste in that area of the body. They also do infrared sauna treatments which are intended to increase the body's core temperature in a safer manner than more traditional saunas because they can do this at a lower temperature. This may be able to aid some people with such benefits as detoxification, improved circulation, sore muscle relief, and clearing up the skin.

Clients that have had Inhaled Hydrogen Therapy or other treatments from Living Arts Wellness speak very highly of these services in reviews. Benjamin Brown stated, “I would highly recommend this place. I had a lot of trouble with tightness in my neck and what they did here was game-changing. I have never felt so good and I will continue to go back. The service is very professional and well done. They take good care of you and do their jobs very well.” This 5-star review was taken from this wellness center’s Google Maps Business Listing where they average a commendable 4.9 out of a possible 5-star rating on over 150 reviews.

Those that wish to read more about hydrogen therapy or any of the other therapies that Living Arts Wellness offers can do so by visiting their website.


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