Lisa Amundson Serves as Divorce Attorney for Eagan and the Twin Cities in Minnesota

Lisa Amundson is practicing law as a divorce lawyer in her offices in Eagan, Minnesota, through the law firm, Amundson Law Office, serving the entire Minneapolis St Paul area, with office and meeting locations throughout the area, but focusing on Eagan, Burnsville and neighboring areas. She focuses on a number of practice areas. These include divorce, child custody, child support, spousal support, modifications to support, custody and parenting time, domestic abuse, and high asset divorce.

Lisa Amundson says, “Even in an emotionally charged situation, it is crucial to have a lawyer who focuses on securing your future and takes a sound approach to legal decision-making. At Amundson Law Office LLC, we understand that going through a divorce is not easy. That is why we strive to advocate for your best interests in the legal proceedings so you can focus on establishing your new life. We will work with you to understand your situation, be available to answer any questions you may have, and keep you updated on the status of your case.”

Lisa Amundson

In the issue of divorce, taking the first step is usually the most difficult in the whole divorce process. That is why the law firm provides a free initial consultation to any person who is facing a divorce or some other family law issue. This will provide clients with a chance to ask questions and see if divorce is really what they want. And if they decide to proceed, the divorce attorney will walk them through the process.

Basically, the divorce process will require a number of steps. The first step is filing for divorce, where the paperwork to petition the court for divorce are sent and received. The next step is the filling for temporary support and custody. The third step is the discovery process in which both parties are allowed to have access to various financial information. The fourth step has to do with custody and financial issues where Lisa Amundson ensures that the rights of her clients are protected. The fifth step has to do with the negotiations so that the client may be able to decide on whether to settle on a good compromise or keep fighting. And the final step is the submission of the agreement to the family court for approval.

Another important practice area that Lisa Amundson focuses on is child custody and parenting time / visitation. Minnesota law specifies that custody issues have to be resolved in such a way that the resolution will be to the best interests of the child. Lisa Amundson takes care of custody cases in all circumstances.

Lisa Admundson also focuses on the important issues of child support and spousal support. Previously, spousal maintenance or alimony was given to stay-at-home mothers. However, changes in society and the increase in dual-income households has necessitated the courts to evaluate the specific financial situation of each couple. Temporary spousal maintenance is usually awarded for a certain period of time to help in the job training, education and or skills of the receiving part. Permanent spousal maintenance is usually awarded for the spouse who is incapable of self-support based on what they earned while they were married. Child support will also be considered and awarded based on the needs of the child and the present financial and living situation of the parties involved.

Lisa Amundson also focuses on the issue of modification and enforcement of court orders. This may be needed when the court order for child support or spousal support is not followed or when the financial or health situations have changed.

Domestic violence is another important practice area for Lisa Amundson. This is a complex situation because the spouse may be threatening her client and there is a need to ensure the person’s physical safety and even the children. She has in-depth experience in such situations that involve domestic violence.

And finally, Lisa Amundson can handle high asset divorce. Here, the goal includes protecting the client’s financial interests. She can provide the general framework for the division of properties.

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