Liquor License Attorney Sean O’Leary Is Offering His Services To Clients In The Liquor Industry In Illinois

Sean O’Leary, a liquor license attorney in Illinois, who also goes by the monicker The Irish Liquor Lawyer, is offering his services to clients in the liquor industry. The O’Leary Law & Policy Group helps firms navigate through the complex licensing requirements for state and local governments.

The law firm says that obtaining a liquor license in Illinois is a two-step process. First, the business needs to get approval from the local unit of government. This requires the business to work with the local town, city, or village officials and meet their requirements. The process can become complex as different government entities have different license classifications and different rules. Some localities restrict or sometimes prohibit the sale of alcohol at certain locations. The local rules may become an important factor in determining whether one can operate a profitable business. After obtaining a local liquor license, the business then has to apply for the state license. Anyone applying for a state license must meet state eligibility requirements. If the business doesn’t meet these requirements, the state will not issue a license. Once the eligibility requirements are met, the state will issue the license.

For those buying an existing business, the law firm goes through a checklist of commonly faced challenges. One such question that needs to be asked is whether there are any previous governmental restrictions in place that do not allow a bar or restaurant to hold a liquor license after a change in ownership. Another question to ask is whether the previous owner has a record of violations with the city or state which puts the license in jeopardy. Finally, another example question that can be posed is whether after the purchase of the business, can the new owner start selling alcohol immediately or whether they lose the ability to sell until they obtain a brand-new license. It is these pitfalls that necessitate the need for an experienced liquor license attorney on the side of the business whenever they face challenges with liquor laws.

When asked about the advantage that his team brings to the table, Sean O’Leary says, “The O’Leary Law & Policy Group has various contacts throughout government agencies, through which we can help clients navigate through the difficult process of obtaining a liquor license. Our motto is bringing simple solutions to difficult problems in heavily regulated industries. Anybody navigating these waters unaided can find themselves facing many unforeseen difficulties. It is easy to get bogged down by the details. Running a business is already as hard as it is. We take the hard work of obtaining a liquor license off of your shoulders. When you come to us, you are guaranteed the best legal representation in the state of Illinois.”

Sean O’Leary represents innovators in the liquor industry, lobbies on behalf of the wine and hospitality community, and is actively involved in helping companies develop business models to meet complex regulatory schemes. Mr. O’Leary was previously the Chief Legal Counsel of the Illinois Liquor Control Commission, where he helped drafted regulations, statutes, and policies. In his private practice, he has become a trusted source for businesses in the direct to consumer (DTC) shipping industry.

A quote from a testimonial on the attorney’s website says, “In all of my interactions with Sean, he displayed an extraordinary depth of regulatory technical knowledge, as well as a broader understanding of policy concerns and objectives. Even in adversarial circumstances, Sean always comported himself in a professional manner that reflected integrity and brought credit to his agency. Sean’s departure from public service is a loss for the Illinois government, but a big win for the private sector. I am happy to recommend Sean for regulated industry clients in need of compliance insight, guidance, and support.”

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