Liquid Aeration Recommended For Compacted Lawns

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Westminster, CO based Revive Lawn Care Products recently published a blog post that explores one of the best ways to keep lawns aerated: a liquid lawn aerator. The post in question can be found on the company’s official website, and they encourage their community to check it out if they are looking for the best ways to keep their lawn looking fresh and healthy.

“A well-kept lawn is a physical representation of the American Dream of home ownership,” observes the company in their post. “A beautiful, well-maintained lawn is symbolic of success. People can tell you have the time and/or resources to support this attraction.”

Revive Liquid Aeratin treatment

They continue, “Since grass roots require oxygen to grow, it can sometimes be challenging to ensure that they get enough of it when dealing with a compact soil structure. If you want an immaculate lawn but cannot seem to get grass to grow in compacted or clay soil, a liquid lawn aerator may be just what you need.”

Briefly put, liquid aeration is used to increase the amount of oxygen available in compact soil, thereby making it more porous and fertile. Such aerators may be required in cases where the soil in a yard is notably compacted, the garden has a lot of thatch, the grass is worn out in certain areas and so on. The company says it will often not be enough to simply introduce a lot of water to the lawn since the condition of the soil can cause it to remain standing in certain areas or even flow right off.

According to the company, any liquid aeration solution has to be deployed evenly across the lawn to be effective. Combining the product with a garden pump sprayer or a hose-end sprayer can help to loosen the soil as well as introduce the solution’s components beneath the surface of the soil. The company explains, “the constituents of these products are intended to activate microorganisms and begin softening compacted soil after application. The soil’s pores and apertures that are a natural component of healthy soil will be reopened when the earth is broken up.”

Revive Lawn Care Products says that many prefer to try liquid aeration because it offers a more convenient and straightforward way to aerate the soil than other alternatives, such as core aeration. In most cases, for instance, homeowners will only need a spray hose-end connection in addition to the aeration product. However, they clarify that there are a few trade-offs that everyone should know about before they decide to commit to liquid aeration.

For one, it takes longer to work. Core aeration, also known as mechanical aeration, has the advantage of being relatively fast-working since it involves drilling holes into the soil to ensure it gets enough oxygen and water. However, core aeration also does not last long, and it does not penetrate as deep into the soil as liquid aeration techniques. Revive says, “In addition to wetting the soil, which causes grass roots to grow, the best liquid aeration products also contain nutrients that support the growth of beneficial microbes naturally found in the soil. These microorganisms naturally break down soil compaction, leaving you with softer soil and a microbial composition that will continue to promote healthy soil.” In certain situations, a combination of core and liquid aeration may be needed for especially stubborn soil, but homeowners can generally expect the latter to work by itself.

It is recommended that homeowners only utilize products that fulfill three main objectives. The first of these is to be composed of high quality ingredients. Since the product will be introduced directly into the environment, it must be environmentally-friendly, having no impact on aquatic or land life. It must also be known to be effective in aeration. Finally, the company prefers to stick to products with environmentally friendly, biodegradable packaging. This will also help ensure minimal impact on the environment as the homeowner cares for their lawn.

To simplify this choice, the company has developed the Revive liquid aeration treatment, which is designed for use in most conditions. Their post explains, “Thanks to its special formulation, water can penetrate the soil more deeply, carrying air and organic grass fertilizers with it.”

Anyone interested in learning more can find additional details regarding liquid aeration and Revive’s own solution in the full blog post. Alternatively, homeowners may contact the company directly to follow up on any further inquiries.


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