LinkedIn SaaS Company Kennected Year in Review Video Shows The Company Had an Impressive 2020

Kennected has just released a year in review video that points out the companies highlights and happenings that took place throughout 2020. This included statistics that showed the company experienced substantial growth throughout the year. It was proven to be a year that saw more and more Kennected customers take advantage of this company’s popular LinkedIn automation, messaging & outreach tool. The company hopes to continue its upward growth trend in 2021 as they look to help even more individuals and businesses increase their lead generation flow by leveraging LinkedIn marketing.

At the start of the video that described the productive year that Kennected had, it used a single word to describe what took place for the company in 2020. That word was ‘foundation’ because last year should prove to be one that the company can build off. It was also mentioned in the video that Kennected experienced a 3000% increase in revenue over the prior year. This represented an unprecedented growth of 6000% for Kennected since 2019 and also resulted in the company adding 80 new employees during the year. These figures are not surprising given the fact that they acquired some 6,800 new customers during 2020. A customer testimonial near the beginning of the video simply stated that “Those who are not using Kennected are missing out."

Other highlights that were pointed out in the video year in review highlights were the fact that in 2020 the company helped its customers earn $250 million and this was accomplished by those customers using Kennected’s autopilot service to make over 10,000 new LinkedIn connections. The video showed that those who used this company’s services started generating automated conversations with their target customers within just two days. Another testimonial in the video had a business owner stating that she had made connections on LinkedIn that she never would have found without the help of Kennected’s services.

During the year the company also earned an award for diversity, equity, and inclusion and was recognized for offering a top work/life experience and company culture. It was even shown in the video that one customer landed a deal with a pro soccer team and another hit big on a $6 million deal as part of 12,476 customers that now have their lead flow on the company’s autopilot system. Other highlights that were pointed out in the Kennected year in review video include the fact that the company had to relocate not once but twice because of the rapid growth that they experienced during 2020. This included the acquisition of a new world headquarters for the company.

It’s not hard to see why Kennected had such a great year given the fact that they received many glowing reviews in which customers stated how happy they were with this service. Andy Mork proclaimed, “Before I started using Kennected I was attending networking events and cold calling businesses. Once I started using Kennected, it really automated my way of prospecting. I was able to gain about $60,000 of business for a very low price. It has even allowed me to reach into new markets that I had never considered before. Now I am able to contact marketing directors and decision-makers much more easily. I highly recommend Kennected.” Andre Haykal, the Jr. CEO at Incubage Media, wrote, “We are blown away by the team at Kennected. We saw that LinkedIn was a great platform to be on. Their LinkedIn Automation tool has really taken our lead generation and sales to another level. Kennected is now our only and main source of leads. Surpassing Facebook & our other lead generation strategies. Take action by getting this software!”

More highlights of Kennected’s 2020 Year in Review can also be seen on their website and their Facebook Page. Devin Johnson, the company co-founder, says they will continue to be committed to giving their customers the tools and education that they require to build a sustainable lead generation pipeline by leveraging LinkedIn marketing.


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