Linden Botanicals Celebrates Cistus

In a recent interview, Michael Van der Linden, the owner of Linden Botanicals, talks about how his introduction to botanical extracts has shaped his company. Van der Linden explains that he was introduced to botanical extracts, such as Cistus incanus and Phyllanthus niruri, after being afflicted with Lyme disease.

Van Der Linden discusses this experience in his book titled, "Lessons from the Darkness."

In his book, Van der Linden recounts his experience battling Lyme disease for four years. Van der Linden explains that "chasing a cure for my chronic illness dominated my life; it consumed me... chasing sickness involves an endless loop of seeing doctors and specialists to diagnose each new symptom. It involves trying one costly new medication after the other (each with its own onslaught of side effects). It involves spending exhausting hours each week (or possibly even each day) scouring articles and forums in search of a magic bullet."

Lessons From The Darkness: Stop chasing sickness and start pursuing health

Colorado-based company Linden Botanicals has long sold the popular tea Cistus Incanus, and the company has become a key source of information about the tea’s properties, harvesting, and sourcing. Van der Linden hopes that sharing his experience overcoming Lyme disease and increasing the information available to the public will help others realize the benefits of botanical extracts.

Van der Linden adds, "It's important for people to understand the data behind botanical extracts. Cistus is rich in polyphenols, which are powerful antioxidants. These compounds are responsible for Cistus' anti-inflammatory, anti-mutagenic, ant-necrotizing, and anti-carcinogenic properties.”

Those interested in learning more about Michael Van der Linden's story can request a free copy of his book from the Linden Botanicals website.


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