Lincoln White Plains: New Lincoln Aviator Inventory For Sale

NY dealership Lincoln White Plains is pleased to inform their customers that they have new Lincoln Aviator inventory for sale. Following the COVID-19 pandemic, the dealership experienced an unfortunate shortage of certain vehicles, particularly those that were in high demand. Given that this issue has now been rectified, they welcome any and all customers who wish to learn more about the Lincoln Aviator and the expansive features it offers.

As is the case for any driver looking to get their next vehicle, the dealership understands that customers will want to take a look at every available model in order to narrow down their options. While this may initially seem like an easy task, drivers should be aware that the perfect car often boasts hidden features that they may not know they want — and cars that seem to be very similar on the surface may actually be miles apart in terms of what the driver in question needs.

When it comes to SUVs, that act of deliberation is more important than ever. After all, many drivers primarily seek SUVs for their immense seating capacity as well as the experience they offer on the road. As such, the perfect vehicle will serve both the driver as well as their passengers (which are often their family). Fortunately, Lincoln White Plains is confident that the Lincoln Aviator will prove itself to be the best of every option in its class.

The dealership states, “With the base vehicle’s MSRP starting at $51,100, the Lincoln Aviator will deliver you to your destination both smoothly and safely. This spacious vehicle is designed to take your daily commute into consideration and ensure you have a reliable way of getting through a busy schedule that frequently takes you away from home. However, the Aviator is built for far more than utility, so drivers and passengers alike will appreciate its interior decor for both its unparalleled beauty as well as the comfort it offers. Pit the Aviator against any other vehicle in its class, and this will become obvious. We know which car you will fall in love with.” See how the Aviator stacks up against one of its most well known rivals here: Aviator vs Range Rover Sport.

One of the ways Lincoln delivers comfort in the Aviator is by including heated and ventilated ‘Perfect Position’ front seats (which come with thigh extenders). These innovative seats offer the user no less than 30 ways to adjust the seat and head-restraint articulation to support their neck. Similarly, these leather-trimmed seats come with Active Motion massage technology installed, helping alleviate stress on long drives and adding yet another notch to the car’s impressive dedication to comfort.

Lincoln White Plains comments, “When you want to get somewhere, there’s no reason you can’t travel in absolute comfort and luxury. Lincoln has long been known for their ability to deliver on these standards, and the Aviator is no different. Luckily for our customers, this is easily demonstrated. Get in touch with us, and schedule your first test drive with this magnificent vehicle. We are more than certain you won’t regret it.”

The dealership is also pleased to add that customers may expect the benefit of special September lease offers (through to September 30th) if they wish to drive a brand new Aviator today. Currently, they may lease a new Lincoln Aviator for $769 per month for 36 months (with $3,764 due at signing). Alternatively, however, they may wish to lease one of the dealership’s previous loaners for $659* per month for 36 months (with $3,654 due at signing). Customers are advised to inquire after the full terms of their Aviator lease with one of the dealership’s representatives.

Lincoln White Plains’ opinion holds a great deal of weight among their customers, especially given that the dealership makes customer service their utmost priority at all times. This is evident in the reviews they receive online as well. For instance, Jessie Wilcher’s 5-Star Google review states, “I enjoy the services provided by Lincoln. The pick-up and delivery are the best. I am a very busy person in addition to being elderly — so it is so helpful not having to bring in my car. The employees at Lincoln are the best that I brag to others about and the service they provide. Please keep up the good work.”

More information regarding the dealership, the vehicles and trims they have available and so on can be found on their official website. Customers may reach out to Andy Gorran of Lincoln White Plains if they wish to discuss any other details as well.


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