Lincoln Tree Service Pros Introduces Revolutionary New Service to Repurpose Fallen Trees into Furniture and Art

Lincoln, CA - Lincoln Tree Service Pros, a tree service company based in Lincoln, CA, is introducing a revolutionary new service that repurposes fallen trees into furniture and art. The innovative new program has been developed under Selman Homer, the company's CEO and Lead Researcher. It will help create beautiful, sustainable pieces from an otherwise wasted resource.

"We are so excited to launch this new service," said Homer. "Our goal is to provide an eco-friendly approach to upcycling fallen trees, ensuring they don't go to waste. We believe that this will have a positive impact on both the environment and our local community."

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The new service transforms fallen trees into high-quality furniture and decorative items such as tables, chairs, desks, shelves, benches, and sculptures. The process involves using specialized techniques to repurpose the wood into something unique and beautiful. Every piece is custom-designed to meet the customer's needs and preferences.

Homer explains, "Each piece of furniture or art created is unique and one-of-a-kind. We take great pride in creating something special for each of our customers, giving them a truly unique item that will be treasured for years to come."

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In addition to providing a unique service, Lincoln Tree Service Pros is committed to environmental sustainability. All of their raw materials are sourced from fallen trees that would otherwise end up in landfills or be burned. By repurposing these materials, they are helping to reduce deforestation and limit harm to the environment.

"It's important that we do our part to protect the planet," said Homer. "We strive to ensure that every piece we create is as environmentally friendly as possible. We also use non-toxic, plant-based products whenever possible to make our pieces safe for everyone."

Lincoln Tree Services Pros is committed to providing high-quality furniture and art with an eco-friendly approach. With their revolutionary new service, they hope to encourage others to think about sustainability regarding furniture and home decor. They are confident that the new service will positively impact the environment and their local community.

"We hope this new service will inspire more people to think creatively about how they can use fallen trees," said Homer. "By repurposing them into furniture and art, we can ensure that these resources are not wasted and instead give them a new life as something beautiful and special."

To learn more about Lincoln Tree Service Pros, visit its offices at 112 Flocchini Cir, Lincoln, CA 95648, United States. Homeowners interested in the company's services can reach the customer service team at 916-304-1599 and


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