Lincoln Tree Service Pros Employees Earn TCIA Certification After Extensive Training

Lincoln, California – A company well-known for handling trees with the latest professionally approved tree care practices, Lincoln Tree Service Pros' employees earlier today received their Tree Care Industry Association certificates after training for eight months.

"As time progresses," said the CEO, "better and easier ways to handle different things on earth are discovered. Among these things are the trees. You don't expect a good tree care company to handle trees the same way the professionals in the 1980s were handling them."

Certified Lincoln Tree Service Experts

"Ever since Lincoln Tree Service Pros joined the tree care industry," noted the CEO, "the company has always ensured that it uses the latest professionally approved methods to handle trees. That way, the company has been able to surpass clients' expectations always."

"You are probably wondering how the company manages to stay up to date with the ever-evolving tree care industry," continued the CEO. "We rarely share the secret behind that, but I'll do it today. Lincoln Tree Service Pros regularly takes its employees for tree care training. The recent training the employees went through was with Tree Care Industry Association, which lasted for eight months. As a result, they have received the TCIA certificates today."

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The CEO congratulated the employees for handling the TCIA exams very well and praised them for effectively using the acquired skills in the field.

"Those who understand trees well," said the CEO, "know that learning a new concept is the most challenging thing in the tree care career. Therefore, watching the employees take various pieces of training and understand everything to details in a short time makes the company respect them even more."

"The TCIA training is programmed to last for a year," said the CEO while explaining how sharp the company employees are. "On the contrary, the team took only eight months to learn everything other teams learn in one year."

"They also performed very well in both the written exam and physical test," noted the CEO. "That left the company impressed with them, and hence increasing their salary to keep them motivated."

The CEO also hinted at the company taking its employees through more training in the future.

"The tree care training companies are always searching for better tree care practices," said the CEO. "That means, in years to come, most of what the employees have acquired in the last eight months will be outdated. What follows? The company will take the employees for further training. To stay updated about the same, homeowners can check our media room for information on our evolution in tree maintenance in Lincoln."

The CEO noted that Lincoln Tree Service Pros had acquired the latest tools to help the employees easily apply the acquired knowledge.

"Now," said the CEO, "using the old, outdated tools and equipment to employ the newly learned concepts can't give the best results. For this reason, Lincoln Tree Service Pros recently acquired advanced tree care tools and equipment to match the employees' knowledge level."

"The tools will not only help the employees deliver high-quality work but also lessen the work of employees and time spent performing tree care procedures," added the CEO. "This will translate to Lincoln Tree Service Pros reducing its service charges because the employees can now handle ten times more tree care requests in a day than when using the old tools."

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