Lighthouse Treatment Center Organizes Surfing Lessons For Its Alumni In Addiction Recovery

Anaheim, California - Lighthouse Treatment Center, a drug and alcohol treatment facility in Anaheim, California organized a surfing lesson for its alumni in addiction recovery. The first surfing lesson took place on May 16, 2021 at Salt Creek Beach in Dana Point, Orange County.

According to Sara Alba, the Alumni Coordinator of the Lighthouse, they offered this experience to give members of their alumni program the opportunity to explore new things in sobriety. An experienced trainer assisted and coached the attendees so they can learn how to surf safely.

Sobriety takes learning to trust yourself and others, in entirely new ways. It takes focus and commitment. By introducing new fun activities like surfing, we are helping our alumni learn to work with their environments and to use these tools to stay sober,” added Alba.

The surfing lesson was organized in partnership with Fourth Dimension Adventures and Living Life In Recovery. The aim of the program is to help attendees gain new perspectives, develop new skills and create powerful and memorable experiences in sobriety.

Max Hirsch from Living life In Recovery shared that surfing is an opportunity to get more connected to the present.

“In the surfing experience, we look at ruminating thought patterns and the role of balance in participants' lives. By becoming aware of our ability to drop beneath our thinking we open up the possibility for clients to become more connected to the present,” said Hirsch.

Lighthouse alumni of all ages gathered at Dana Point to participate in the lessons conducted by the experienced instructors. While some alumni had prior surfing experience, there were also first-timers who thoroughly enjoyed the lesson.

“At this age I never thought that I would be trying to surf! I am so glad that I gave it a shot. It is an experience in sobriety I will never forget,” shared Denise A., one of the attendees of the surfing lesson.


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