Lighthouse Treatment Center Organizes Archery Dodgeball Event For Alumni

Anaheim, California - Lighthouse Treatment Center, a drug and alcohol treatment facility in Anaheim, California organized an Archery Dodgeball event for its alumni members on April 25, 2021. The event was hosted as part of the Lighthouse Alumni event calendar for this year that aims to introduce fun, sober activities to its members.

Archery Dodgeball is an adrenaline-packed game similar to dodgeball but it is played with bows and foam-tipped arrows. The Lighthouse collaborated with Fourth Dimension Adventures in hosting the activity which was held in an open outdoor space.

Sara Alba, Alumni Coordinator of the Lighthouse, shared that their goal in organizing this archery dodgeball activity was not only to acquaint alumni members to exciting activities in recovery, but also to find activities that can foster teamwork and friendly competition among members.

“One of the joys of recovery is being able to try new things. The Lighthouse Treatment Center alumni events are organized to help form new connections in sobriety and facilitate experiences that help us communicate and feel a part of a community,” said Alba.

Estel M., one of the alumni who attended the event, shared that attending this activity was a great way for him to discover new things that could help him in his new path to recovery.

“I never thought that something like this could be so fun! I never would have tried this on my own. And the best thing is that I’ve made so many new and positive connections through a new experience,” said Estel.

According to Chad S., another member of the Lighthouse Alumni Program who attended the event, the advantage of taking part in these activities is the opportunity to meet other like-minded people in sobriety.

“This was a great way to get to know people in sobriety because it’s not just a simple hi or hello. We really had to work as a team and communicate to win. I have so many great memories from this day,” shared Chad.


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