Lighthouse Treatment Center Hosts Escape Room Outing For Alumni

Anaheim, California - Lighthouse Treatment Center, a drug and alcohol treatment facility in Anaheim, California hosted an alumni outing for its alumni members on March 20, 2021. The activity was held at Mission Escape Games in Orange County.

According to Sara Alba, Alumni Coordinator of the Lighthouse, this event was just one of the many exciting activities that the Lighthouse Alumni Program has lined up for their members. She added that they hosted the activity as a way to show their alumni that they can have fun in sobriety.

“We believe that part of recovery is building a life and connections that support this healing process. By hosting activities for our alumni, our goal is to provide a platform so they can form connections and create memorable experiences in sobriety. Taking them to Mission Escape Games was not only fun but it was also a way to encourage teamwork and critical thinking,” said Sara.

Lighthouse alumna Melissa shared that participating in the activity helped her get out of her comfort zone. It was also a way for her to meet new friends and expand her network.

“This experience was helpful to my sobriety. It pushed me to be more open minded and willing. In the past I would not have been involved. I would feel so anxious. This helped me change my perceptions on these things. I met a lot of new people in recovery who are now my friends,” said Melissa.

Mission Escape Games is an entertainment destination in Orange County that hosts escape adventure games for guests. To ensure the safety of their guests, game rooms and props are disinfected between each game.

Joe D. from Mission Escape Games said that they were happy to host the Lighthouse Alumni members for this event.

“We had a blast hosting the Lighthouse alumni and staff at Mission Escape Games. We are grateful for their support and we are happy to provide a venue that is not only fun and exciting, but also safe for our guests,” said Joe.


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