Lifetime Guarantee Now the Norm with Auto Glass Mart’s San Diego Windshield Replacement Services

Auto Glass Mart of San Diego has long been known for its fast and reliable windshield and other auto glass-related replacement services. The company also takes great pride in being one that performs its auto glass changeouts right where its customers' vehicles are parked. Now their customers can also count on this company’s auto glass replacement work to come with a lifetime guarantee. This is a great example Auto Glass Mart attempts to maintain the most well-rounded car & truck San Diego windshield replacement services.

The company spokesperson, Thomas Yakoob, says, “We are a company that takes great pride in doing auto glass replacement work the right way the first time but we are also human. So, in the rare event that we install a windshield that has a defect in it or we make a mistake on that installation, we will stand by that work and fix whatever needs to be corrected. We will never compromise when it comes to being a windshield glass installer that wants our customers to be 100% satisfied with the work that we have done for them.”

Yakoob went on to say that their lifetime guarantee is not just about the work that has been done either. It also ensures their customers that since the windshield replacement work has been done the right way, that customer will be going down the highway in a vehicle that is once again safe to drive and with a windshield that looks good while doing it. He mentioned that they also take pride in offering windshield and other car glass replacements that are often priced better than those of their competitors. These combine to give its customers great peace of mind when its Auto Glass Mart that’s performing vehicle glass replacement tasks for them.

The company spokesperson also talked about how all of their auto glass techs are highly trained. That equates to them knowing the intricacies of replacing the windshields in a large variety of automobiles. Something that’s essential in the process to help the newly installed windshield stay sealed up watertight for many years to come. He stated that they also don’t make any stipulations as to where their mobile windshield techs will go to perform their work. In their 15-years of business, they have changed out windshields at their customers' places of business as they continued to work, in grocery store parking lots, and even along highway exits when a broken windshield was simply too dangerous to continue driving with.

Those that have used Auto Glass Mart’s mobile windshield replacement services have been very pleased with the results. Tyson Abbo stated, “I just got my front windshield replaced yesterday. They arrived on time. Can't tell you how valuable that is. Did a great job with the windshield. They were the lowest-priced auto glass company in San Diego. If you need the fastest and cheapest auto glass in San Diego, these are the guys!” Faith Damask wrote, “This is the place to go for a mobile windshield replacement. I phoned them at 8:00 am when they opened. They quoted me the lowest price I had found. A polite and professional technician was at my door in two and a half hours, and a little more than an hour later the job was completed. There is a lifetime warranty that comes with the work. Great job, no stress.”

Yakoob also pointed out that they provide windshield replacement service to many different San Diego area communities. This includes Oceanside, Escondido, Santee, El Cajon, Encinitas, Mira Mesa, San Marcos, Clairemont, and Del Mar. He added that they offer free quotes on their windshield replacement services. This can be done by going to the company website and filling out the form that’s found on the homepage. The company spokesperson says that they make every effort to get back to their customers with an auto glass replacement quote just as quickly as possible. Those that would like more information on the windshield replacement and other auto glass services that this company offers can call them, send them an email, or refer to their website for that information.


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