Licensed REALTOR® Colleen Deegan Is Offering Real Estate Services In Cooper City, Florida

Colleen Deegan is offering residential home buying and selling services in South Florida. Readers can find out more about her specialty as a buyer’s agent and listing agent, and her expertise in relocation, property management, and short-term vacation rentals by heading over to her website at the link:

The South Florida real estate market has grown significantly over the last couple of years. In Palm Beach County, the median sales price of a single-family home grew from $367,500 in 2019 to $559,500 in 2021. That equates to a 52% rise in property values in just over 2 years. Experts believe that this rise in property values has still not plateaued and homeowners can expect to pay 10 to 20% more until the prices hopefully stabilize a few years down the road. Zillow expects home prices in South Florida to increase by 11 percent just in 2022.

This surge in home prices in the region is indicative of the trends towards rising property values all across the country and the alluring and enticing property market of South Florida is no exception. A lot of future homeowners choose the region because of the benefits that it offers such as year-round beautiful weather, the relaxed lifestyle that is usually in stark contrast to the chaos of larger urban centers up north and to the west, the increased number of tech companies and large financial organizations such as Goldman Sachs setting up base in Florida and giving it the moniker “Wall Street of the South”, the relaxed coronavirus mandates which are appealing to residents who agree with the state’s political leadership, the rise of remote work options, and the overall appeal of living in a state that offers a lot of freedom of choice for all kinds of lifestyles. Readers who want to buy property in South Florida can find out more about what it takes to get ready to make a purchase by heading over to the link:

Colleen Deegan comments on the trend in the South Florida property market by saying, “The South Florida real estate market is heating up and there is no better time for you to move here. If you decide to wait, you may end up paying a significant markup on a home’s sticker price further down the road. This rapidly increasing competition in the real estate market is driven by increased demand and scant inventory, both of which make navigating this aggressive market a tightrope walk where you can’t afford to be indecisive and let your dream property slip out of your hands. If you are serious about buying property in South Florida, and especially Cooper City, you will be hard-pressed to find a better real estate agent than me to help you find the perfect house for your needs at a price that you are comfortable paying. I’ve over a decade of experience in this region and I know exactly how to reel in a difficult deal for my clients’ benefit. So give me a call today and I’ll have you move into your ideal home as a native Floridian in no time. If you are already a Florida resident and are looking to sell your property, check out the information on my website about what it takes to prep it to get the highest return on investment by heading over to the link:”

Colleen Deegan is extremely knowledgeable of the current market in South Florida as she has been a part of the community for 12 years as a real estate agent, real estate investor, and property manager. Colleen’s expertise lies in general residential sales, luxury home sales, commercial properties, relocation, rentals, off-campus housing, and investment properties. Colleen is an active member of the Davie Cooper City Chamber of Commerce, the Plantation Chamber of Commerce, The Tower Club of Ft. Lauderdale, Women’s Board of Realtors, Mothers of Preschoolers, the Young Professionals Network, and FemCity. Membership in these exclusive and selective communities gives her the advantage of being able to leverage her close networks to net her clients the best deals possible in the current ruthless South Florida real estate market.

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