Lesson Plan Source Launches Weather Condition Diagrams For Kids

Lesson Plan Source (LPS), a website with a broad variety of online learning resources is reaching out to the community to announce the launch of their new weather condition diagrams for kids.

This latest free resource shared by Lesson Plan Source touches upon the topic of weather conditions and how they affect everyday life. The plan is recommended for students of Kindergarten, First and Second grade. According to the company, students should be able to identify four different weather conditions and demonstrate how those conditions affect people’s daily activities by the end of the lesson.

"Weather is a part of life, so being able to identify weather conditions and understand how they affect daily life is essential," states Lesson Plan Source. “By following this program, you will be able to skillfully navigate this topic, teaching and guiding your students through what makes it so important. Our lessons follow a specific outline, which always includes: an overview, recommended grade levels, objective, materials, anticipatory set, direct instruction, guided instruction, independent practice and assessment. In addition, many of our lessons also include possible modifications, adaptations, extensions and the standards addressed.”

As with all of their materials, Lesson Plan Source states that specific details of the lesson can be tailored according to the teacher's preferences and the students’ age group. The requirements to carry out the lesson according to the instructions are minimal, making it easily accessible for homeschooling parents as well as larger classrooms. These requirements include a copy of the Weather Condition Diagrams, real pictures depicting people in different types of weather and a blank sheet of white paper per student (folded in half and then in half again to form four sections) as well as other optional aid materials.

One of the most important topics included within this lesson program are the possible modifications/accommodations that can be made for students with varying personal needs. The company states, “The most important part about teaching is adapting your lesson to the different needs of your students. This requires a great deal of effort on the teacher's part and a lot of additional planning and preparation, and it is why we go through the effort of putting together a section that helps you achieve this.”

LPS specializes in providing high quality teaching materials for teachers of students in Preschool through to Third Grade. Their website is designed as a repository for these resources, which in turn are meant to help classroom teachers and homeschooling parents plan their lessons with the aid of a comprehensive guide. These lesson plans are written as comprehensively as possible so as to make the material accessible for both teacher and student.

Lesson Plan Source states, "All of our lesson plans come with simple, yet engaging worksheets, and teaching diagrams. They provide a clean design with just enough visually-appealing graphics and information to get the job done, delivering the information into your students in a manner that appeals to them. We believe that the aid resources you use in these lessons should be straightforward, insightful and inspiriational about the topic at hand."

While there are some resources available for free, most of the materials are only available to members of the Lesson Plan Source community. They get privileged access to all of the previously shared content on their site as well as guaranteed access to any future material. These materials include lesson plans for foundational subjects (language arts, math and science), social studies and art.

The cost of the quarterly membership to the Lesson Plan Source community is only $12.99, providing access for up to 60 downloads a month. A monthly membership is also available for $4.99 per month, providing access to 30 downloads per month. More information on Lesson Plan Source, their online learning resources and the work they do with parents and teachers is available on their website. Interested parties may reach out to the company to follow up on any inquiries as well. Similarly, they may connect with the company through their preferred social media platforms.


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