Lesson Plan Source Launches New Alphabet Fishing Game For Homeschooling

Lesson Plan Source (LPS), a website with a broad variety of online learning resources is reaching out to the community to announce that their new resource, an alphabet fishing game for homeschooling, is now available. The company offers a host of other educational resources on this platform, many of which are similarly available for free.

On this occasion, the company touches upon one of the most basic topics of teaching (language), approaching the lesson with a game that aims to make the session enjoyable, didactic and fruitful all in equal measures. This new plan is called Alphabet Fishing Game, and it is recommended for students of Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten and First grade. By the end of the lesson, students should be able to recognize and match upper and lowercase letters of the alphabet.

“When it comes to teaching young children, the secret lies in turning your lessons into fun and interactive activities that your students can enjoy," states a representative of Lesson Plan Source. "The alphabet fishing game that is included within our plan achieves just that. It is a fun way for children to practice identifying and matching the letters of the alphabet. It should be simple enough for even younger students to understand, have fun with it and learn at the same time. This makes it a classroom activity that can even transform into a recurring game that reinforces learning.”

The alphabet fishing game is simple to set up, requiring no more than half an hour of preparation the first time around—and only a few minutes for future activities. To be set up for the first time, the teachers will need to print the alphabet fishing cards on heavy paper and cut out and laminate cards, then attach a small paperclip to each letter card. Water can be simulated by cutting blue plastic cloth in a circle shape and placing it onto a table to make it look like a small pond.

The game itself can be played by several students at a time. Each will take a turn fishing and matching the cards picked up with those laid on the table, accumulating a point for each successful match and passing their turn on to the next student. Once all cards have been captured, the player with the most matches wins.

The company says, "Each game should not take more than half an hour, though possible modifications can be made to speed things up, make it easier or harder. It all depends on your student's familiarity with the topic, though we have noticed that teachers often find themselves looking for ways to make the game more challenging. Some of the most common options include adding a memory component by not showing the image, making vowels bonus cards that award a player an extra turn or to have players name a word that begins or ends with each letter they pick."

Lesson Plan Source specializes in providing high quality teaching materials for teachers whose students range from preschool through third grade. Their website is designed as a repository for these resources, which are catered towards helping classroom teachers and homeschooling parents plan their lessons aided by a comprehensive guide. These lesson plans are written with the intent of making the material accessible for both teacher and student.

While anyone can enjoy lesson plans that are available for free, like the alphabet fishing game, most of the materials on the Lesson Plan Source website are only available to members of the community. They get privileged access to all of the content previously shared on their site as well as guaranteed access to any future material for as long as their membership lasts. These materials include lesson plans for foundational subjects (language arts, math and science), social studies and art.

The cost of the quarterly membership to the Lesson Plan Source community is only $12.99, providing access for up to 60 downloads a month. A monthly membership is also available for $4.99 per month, providing access to 30 downloads per month. More information on Lesson Plan Source and their online learning resources is available on their website. Interested parties may reach out to the company to follow up on any inquiries as well. Additionally, they may connect with the company through their social media platforms.


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